Some Kids Just Need A Spanking

I’m good for an article about the virtues of discipline, every now-and-then. This is one of them.

Like many of you, I read the terrifying article about a mother with a mentally deranged 12 year old son who is just waiting to become the next Adam Lanza. It is horrifying that these children exist and seemingly, nothing can be done to force treatment or at least protect their families & society from the harm that even their close family members see coming.

I don’t pretend to know the answer to that social ill. I would like to hear any suggestion you have for treating/dealing with this situation. What I would like to discuss is based upon a comment from one of or own:

I read the entire article and a bunch of the comments, the scary part is how many mothers commented, I know just how you feel… my xx yr old son is having the exact same issues.

Lotsa psychos in the wings just growing up, with lost parents who cannot handle them in any way shape or form and want govt intervention.

It is my belief that the vast majority of these “psychos waiting in the wings just growing up” are the result of a liberalized culture which forces parents to choose between physical discipline and jail time. There are, of course, many factors which contribute to the increase in uncontrolled behavior in these children. Some of them are:

1) The break down of the family unit
2) Absentee parents (due to breakdown of family or just working)
3) Apathetic parents
4) Stupid parents
5) Lack of God in children’s lives

For my purposes, I would like to focus on one particular area of concern which could easily rectify most of the behavioral problems in these many so-called “psychos” – i.e., discipline.

Most of these kids just need their ass beat. They need a parent to stand up and say “enough!”. They need to be shown their proper place in the pecking order of the family. They are not in charge, no matter how much their TV or music tell them that they are. They need to be stripped of all of their possessions and have their hide properly tanned. Thoughts?

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26 Responses to Some Kids Just Need A Spanking

  1. R.D. Walker says:

    My kids are 27, 20 and 7. I spanked my oldest twice as a child. He usually responded to a desire not to disappoint me so he did what he was supposed to without spankings.

    I never spanked my 20 year old daughter. Just didn’t need it. She was very easy to deal with.

    I don’t know how many times I have had to spank my seven year old. He wants to be a good kid but he just couldn’t overcome his impulses sometimes. The only thing that he feared and therefore, the only thing that gave him enough focus to contemplate the consequences of his actions, was a spanking. Now that he is getting older, he is more focused and doesn’t need it it seems. I haven’t had to spank him for well over a year. There was a time, however, when he was getting them with some regularity.

    I will admit, my success with the older two without spanking led me to believe it was unnecessary. I now know that isn’t true. Some kids need it.

  2. notamobster says:

    My oldest didn’t get em. She’s made some bad decisions, but that happens.

    My 12 year has had a few, usually related to hurting one of her siblings. They worked for the most part. My 9 year old doesn’t need em. She’s deathly afraid of even the thought of disappointing us, and straightens right up. Very emotional child, that one.

    My son is a terrorist (joking). He has always had trouble controlling his impulses. It still gets him in trouble. Though, like Sam, he needs a spanking less-and-less as he gets older. He’s just stubborn. I don’t negotiate when it comes to discipline.

    His hard-headed nature will serve him well as an adult, but there is a firmly established pecking-order and he is constantly trying to establish his dominance through subversion. 🙂 He’s been quite receptive to explanations over the last year.

    I tell him things like “this is one of those decisions that should raise a red flag and make you ‘okay, think this is stupid’…” and “this is why you should do such-and-such” (and explain the virtue behind doing things a particular way).

    • R.D. Walker says:

      What are you going to do? How many times are you going to tell a kid, for example, not to play out on the highway before you have to emphasize the point? It isn’t good parenting to keep the kid locked in the house or to let him play on the highway. That leaves one option. I hated to spank but, dammit, I owed it to the kid.

      • nathanael says:

        In our house, hidden in the woods, the playful sound of the strap resounded daily on the surface of the tables or against daddy’s riding boots. No one made much of it. Sometimes it was the birch rod that wrapped itself on the edge of the sofa. Those were the most common sounds among which we grew up. A boy, often, was invited to stick out his naked behind, just for no real reason, other than to receive a friendly slap. All was natural, normal, not threatening. So when the day of first real punishment came, after he or she broke the neighbor’s window with a stone, or cussed the grandma, they were ready, with their bare asses stuck out as ordered the best they knew. It was just a game, they kept saying to themselves at those times. This perception, of course, vanished for ever with the first swish. The birch rod, soaked in water wrapped itself on their behinds with all force, even on the genitals. Then the shock, piercing pain, and the begging for mercy. But the rod kept striking relentlessly with ever increased force. The grandpa knew what he was doing. The grandma was watching in approval, with undisguised satisfaction and owe. She knew that she was witness to something to be remembered for life. The swishing was prolonged and memorable, accompanied only by frantic weeping and crying. After ten minutes, the rear anatomy was crisscrossed with red and blue welts branching in all directions. And, additionally, the genitals were covered with grits-like black spots, left by the tips of the rods. Each welt engraved itself in the person’s mind and soul, with a warning never to break windows again, never to cuss an adult! It sure worked! They became different boys and girls, much more thoughtful and careful, polite and obedient. They understood why the Angels have backsides! In their teenage years, they need chastisement oftentimes! They kept asking for it with their foolish and rebel behavior! They needed to feel the consequences, and to hear the swishing and the exploding of the paddle or strap! For hearing admonitions or recriminations is not enough! Neither is the boring corner time! They needed to hear and taste the swishing, and learn what is real pain! They needed a stern daddy who was always there to attend to these their vital needs of growing up!

  3. fubar says:

    anybody ever watch Malcolm in the Middle ? Now Lois, is a master of discipline.

  4. RUDE JUDE says:

    I was raised in a very strict parenting environment. With four other siblings (me as the second born), it was tough for my parents to raise us with my Dad working as a car mechanic with side jobs on weekends and after supper in the family garage during the week. Prozac was not even an option for my poor Mom who had to deal with us most of the time. Oh, we got the beatings alright. And rightly so. When Mom said “wait till your Dad gets home”, that set us straight for the rest of the day hoping upon all hope that Mom might “forget” what we did so we wouldn’t have to face Dad’s wrath. I have thanked them so many times for the discipline they instilled in us. My only brother and I got the worst of the beatings. Probably because he and I had the same DNA to rebel.

  5. RJ says:

    Yup corporal punishment never hurt me a bit, matter of fact it turned me into a law abiding citizen…realistically I never needed it after about 7 or 8 yrs, just a threatening look from mom turned my knees to jelly, remembering the previous ones was the deterence.

    Now I use the same psychology with my dogs, a couple alfa rolls later, just a look reminds them who is the boss.

  6. notamobster says:

    Yeah, we all got em in my house. One time me & two brothers got one from Mom. We cried ourselves back to our room and started laughing because it didn’t hurt. Can you imagine the torment, when she heard us and said “Oh, didn’t hurt, huh? Wait til your father gets home.” Terrible. Should be outlawed under the Geneva Convention.

    Last one I ever got was my special “This is really gonna hurt” spanking where my Dad made watch him as he constructed the paddle from scratch. He beat my ass so hard, it left bruises for a week. I never thought about forging my Mom’s signature again! Not even for a moment. 🙂

    • R.D. Walker says:

      When I stayed summers with Grandma and misbehaved, she used to send me out with a pair of sheers to cut a switch from the apple tree. That was torture. If you insulted her by cutting a tiny one, she would go out and get a really mean one herself. It would take like 20 minutes to find and cut the smallest one I believed grandma would accept.

      • RJ says:

        I once chose a shaving from some planing work my dad had done on a door, I thought it was funny at the time till mom picked a willow switch, welts for two days resulted.

  7. RJ says:

    I remember one time a mother call 9-1-1 and request an Officer because she could not “handle” her six year old… I call that pathetic parenting.

    Just goes to prove the addage “stupid people shouldn’t breed”

  8. RJ says:

    My grandpa had a good old fashoned straight razor strop, 1/2 in thick leather about 4 feet long, man that shit hurt…

    • notamobster says:

      We had a “switch” made from pvc flush valve tubing for a while – til it disappeared one day. I still haven’t admitted to hiding it.

      Rj – I responded to a call from a welfare queen about her 14 or 15 yr old daughter. The kid was on an ankle bracelet. She knew exactly how far she could walk from the base before it went off, though the judge ordered her confined to the home/porch. She would stand 4′ off the porch and cuss her mom out.

      I asked if she’s tried spanking. She told me “I ain’t spanking her, she’s 15.” to which I replied “Get a bigger belt.”

      My Trooper friend responded to a “child abuse” claim. The kid called and said his Mom was abusing him by spanking him. The Trooper told her “show me exactly what you did”. When she began to pantomime, he said “No, I mean exactly. Get your son, and do what you did, in front of me.”

      She put the boy over her knee and spanked him again. Troop says: “Son that ain’t child abuse, that’s called discipline. Get used to it.”

      • Uke says:

        That’s good to hear, that cops will do that. Unfortunately, I am afraid that some cops won’t. And bureaucratic agencies like DCF sure as *hell* won’t.

        • notamobster says:

          Yeah, Uke – Louisiana is a different world. I was involved in the DUI arrest of the Director of Family & Children’s Services. She told every one of us that she was going to take our children away. She also tried to cash in a favor with a judge over a recorded telephone line, while being belligerent to him & us.

          Petty tyrants will attempt to leverage their “power” over anyone, to their advantage. <---Another reason I hate bureaucrats.

    • pateriot says:

      My Mother was 4’10” and the sweetest woman that ever walked the Earth. But, get her riled up and she would take a belt out of the drawer whe kept it in and put it to good use on our backsides. If we were real bad, she would threaten to tell our Father. This usually put the fear of God into us real quick and we’d straighten right up.

      My Father wrote a poem when he was younger that goes like this:

      “When I was a little boy,
      Just so high,
      Momma took a little stick,
      And made me cry.
      Now I’m a big boy,
      And Momma can’t do it,
      So Daddy takes a big stick,
      And hopes right to it!”

      ‘Jim Pate’

  9. BaconNeggs says:

    Nota I read the linked article and must agree that if some of those spoilt “kids” got a damn good spanking when they were younger then all the verbal and physical threats from a child to a parent, would never happen.

    How about opening up the door and kicking their rude little ass out the house, unlesss they abide by the simple decent family behaviour and rules?

    I dont think beating a child past age 7 serves much purpose as by then a child can reason well and spanking is unnecessary if you have done all the right things as a parent.

    I do think that like the gun argument, the mental health argument is being used as an excuse for liberal governments and parents, who have spoilt the child instead of laying a strong moral foundation for a child.

    Maria Montessori made all the observations about the mind young children and how to raise them, over a hundred years ago. It still applies today.

    • pateriot says:

      Spanking beyond the age of 7 or so should be very rare… if the child has learned to associate bad behavior prior to this with fear and pain. And I’m not talking about beatings! However if little Johnny has not learned respect (fear of authority) prior to this age the battle is much more difficult.

  10. R.D. Walker says:

    Now that we all agree, can we also agree that a very small group of kids can’t be fixed with spankings, are dangerous as all hell, and that their parents need help from their fellow citizens before their problem children become a problem for everyone?

    None of this requires a federal program, however. It could all be handled at the state or county level.

  11. sortahwitte says:

    RD, I do agree. I volunteer at a middle school. I see kids every day that are dangerous as a rattlesnake. However, most of them don’t rattle before the action. Out of 400 kids, there are about 15 who fit the criteria. Non-responsive to any authority. Nice one minute, a large explosion the next. Physical attacks on adults and the police officer who is there half time. I sincerely hope these kids don’t progress to the next step, but I expect it. We could spend $2 million on this building, turning it into US Embassy and the security would still not be enough. God help us.

  12. notamobster says:

    I agree…

  13. Slaphappypap says:

    Short Story of the Weekend.

    So me and Mrs. Slap were leaving the house Friday night running to the store. We passed by our “alley or easement” she told me that there were people in the alley. I told her to pull a u-turn. (I’ve caught kids multiple times drinking back there.) I pulled up to the front of my house and waited for them to walk into me. I knew I saw them using a lighter. And I knew they weren’t smoking marlboros. A boy and girl both drenched in pot smoke about fifteen in age.

    Me: What the hell you doing behind my gate?
    Stoned Boy: sorry..
    Stoned Girl: We were just walking.
    Me: What were you doing there smoking?
    Stoned Boy: Smoking…(Shows me his one-hitter.)
    Stoned Boy: Okay.
    Me: Now, I want you to put in on the cement and smash it.
    Stoned Boy: (He’s shaking and too slow.)
    Me: Here let me HELP you! I smash it into a zillion pieces.
    Now, get the *$%^ out of here before I make an example out of you.
    Me to the Stoned girl: What would your Dad say?
    Now, you get out of here. And send the word out that you will be caught back here.
    Funny that was me about 17 years ago. Stupid kids need to be spanked more.

  14. fubar says:

    Regarding childhood angst.
    Out of the kids that my 3 girls are friends with, one out of five has an ‘intact’ family. Most of the kids from divorced families, I ‘overhear’ the stories of how the one parent or stepparent physically/verbally assaults another; kids don’t learn to get along because their parents don’t get along. Kids don’t respect their parents because in a lot of cases, they don’t deserve any.

    probably 75% of their friends and peers go to ‘counseling’, or are on meds, or both. Recently been having problems with my 16yr old(suicidal) and I read her texts and diary. Groups of kids get together to “cut”. Her friends “sleep over” at oposite sex friend’s houses (with approval from parents)
    I pulled my kids out of public school, because I was getting constant phone calls from two guidance counselors, one was insistent that i get “help” for my kid (not my 16yr old) who obviously doesn’t need help – (this is the flip side of not focusing on real problem kids –going after kids who are well adjusted, do well in school and have lots of hobbies, i was told my kids read too much — she was sure there HAD to be something wrong and if there wasn’t, she was going to go to some shrink who would ensure that a problem would develop )

    If this is the small sphere of experience in my world, imagine this all over the country.

  15. gerard says:

    i feel sad i am a boy age 15, still go over the knee,i am spanked by my mom or dad,It is for me so embrassingm age 15, to stand therte beside my mom or my dad, in just my briefs.!5 or not, undie lowered too by my parents.When i am over the knee, i get an awful spanking! seen and watched by my 2 brothers. embrassing!!

    • Tracey Braithwaite says:

      In that case Gerard stop doing things that you know will earn you a spanking . Shouldn’t you by FIFTEEN have learnt how to behave and how to treat others. Think before you do something and THINK if I DO THIS will I have to stand in front of my parents and brothers IN MY UNDERWEAR waiting to go OVER THEIR KNEE. Don’t expect sympathy. YOU ARE THE ONE DOING WRONG.