“Never let a crisis go to waste.”


Politics as usual...

Mayor Rahm Emanuel today called for an assault weapons ban at the state and national levels and said it was time for a “vote of conscience” in Congress following the deadly assault on schoolchildren in Connecticut.

Emanuel is the mayor of a city that has had almost 500 murders this year alone. Almost all of them perpetrated, not with assault weapons, but with illegal handguns. He said nothing of this matter before the election. Before the election, discussing banning any guns was bad mojo. He still isn’t talking about measures that would have any effect at all in the battleground that is his city. He is too busy exploiting deaths that took place a half a continent away. He isn’t addressing the weapon that is the tool of mayhem in his city but exploiting the deaths of children to promote policy that will have no effect on the rate of slaughter in the bloody streets of Chicago.

Emanuel’s statement has nothing to do with preventing the gun battle crossfire that is everyday Chicago. He is only interested in promoting a political agenda.

Like I said, politics as usual.

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4 Responses to “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

  1. Uke says:

    The sick bastard violated dozens of laws in the process of this horror, if you consider individual counts.

    He stole 3 guns from his mother,
    Killed his mother,
    Stole his mother’s truck,
    Transported the guns illegally,
    Carried them onto school grounds without a permit,
    Broke into the school,
    Then perpetrated 26 counts of murder.

    Tell me: what law could have been written to prevent this?

  2. Rich says:

    A law requiring CCW teachers in sufficient number to have at least 1 CCW teacher in every main school wing/corridor (dependent on school configuration), school offices, etc. Some number of teachers would be required to carry to and from school so that from the moment school opens CCW teachers are present. Other CCW teachers could pick up weapons from a school storage safe on arrival and before leaving school if they did not want to carry to and from school.

    Admittedly this law would not have prevented any of the above illegal acts except for reducing, and possibly eleminating entirely, the number of murders at the school.

    The schools would have to get their CCW teachers trained, support regular range time, and send them to some sort of more advanced shooters course in confronting armed intruders. The money to do that would be well spent … as opposed to throwing money away on the latest diversity initiative or eco scare de jour.

  3. messup says:

    Wait a minute, in 1927, Bath Township Elementary school (Michigan) – Chicago’s neighbor. A School board Official bought some explosives, later lacing the school with these devices. He waited for children to attend classes, then detonating the whole school building. Making matters worse, he loaded his car with these explosives, detonated it-his car and himself, in the midst of first responders. 38 children killed, and countless civilian first responders, too. FDR came along and made matters worse (10-year Great Depression)…along with chicago’s infamous”speak-easies!” Al Capone, anybody?

    Then along comes LBJ and his “Great Society.” Takes veterans with mental health issues, removes them from government programs, throwing them out into towns and cities across all USA. Crime rates increase, especially in large metropolitan areas. Later, congressional wisdom by We the Elite People of culture of corruption in Washington DC, expand this program of eliminating mental heath care across the USA to ALL American citizens. Further ratcheting upward Americas crime statistics. Cheaper to administer medication than have treatment centers. Timothy McVeigh’s, UnaBombers (Kazinsky), Son of Satan, Jeffry Dalmer (cannibalism-Chicago) et al proliferate.

    Now, these same We The Elite People of culture of corruption in Washington DC are wringing their hands over the absolute and total disaster they have created, blaming explosive manufacturers, arms manufacturers and suppliers of all weapons related paraphenalia for Congressional stupidity and just plain greed, power and corruption agendas. See, money they “saved” by suspending care for the mentally ill, was allocated to “bringing-the-bacon-home” earmarks, socially “beneficial” programs (Planned Parenthood – mass infanticide program), NPR, PBS, Air America, welfare/unemployemnt/SNAP-food stamp handouts, etc.

    Sorry, the finger pointing should be to legislators (themselves) for having made”penny saved and pound foolish” decisions causing todays “unintended consequences.” Pray. Amen.

  4. notamobster says:

    I saw an idea for a new Veteran’s work initiative. Hire armed veteran’s to provide security at schools. Not sure I’d like my kids being accustomed to armed men in their school, but it’d beat hearing they were dead on the news.