In The Face Of All The Evil We See Today Here Is A Reminder Of What Is Right

These are excerpts from Mrs. Palin’s Facebook page. She calls it ‘The Only Hope. Please follow the link to the video.

sarah palin

Unspeakable evil slammed America in the beautiful little town of Newtown, Connecticut, just days ago. No words can express the collective shock and sorrow shared by Americans who know the murder of innocent children is the most horrendous crime imaginable. The Connecticut state motto, “Qui transtulit sustinet,” promises that only God can sustain us. Though still insufficient and unfulfilling for the grieving families of these beautiful babies in the Lord’s arms now, perhaps those words are all the inconsolable loved ones can hold on to at this time. May God show His sustaining love to them right now. Please Lord.

It may seem, especially after Friday, the world is spinning fast and furious and out of control. Many political, economic, and societal problems attempt to weigh down our spirit so heavily that some despondently give up after being deceptively led to believe there is no real hope for anything getting better. And despite 24-hour news cycles with constant information flooding our eyes and ears with much white noise, TV’s talking heads really have nothing meaningful to offer.

May this Christmas season give you a glimpse of the faith to which millions cling to, and are willing to live and die to self for. As you watch this video, even if you’ve never prayed before, you can ask God for revelation to what occurred 2000 years ago, what it means for today, and why we celebrate the babe born in that Bethlehem manger over 2000 years ago. And I offer this not because I have all the answers, but because many ask me from where does my hope come? How do I hang on? What do I cling to? Here is a glimpse of the foundation of my faith. May you be shown through this short clip and song that the unanswered questions, the horrible suffering, and the sacrifice of One birthed opportunity for new life and real HOPE for all of us today.

Friends, please watch this, and please don’t lose hope. We mustn’t lose hope! Look up! And put your time and effort in working so hard for your family and loved ones around you. Don’t wait for a fallen world’s politicians and pundits to do it for you. You can have within yourself the ability and opportunity to help make America strong again, and her people joyful again.”

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One Response to In The Face Of All The Evil We See Today Here Is A Reminder Of What Is Right

  1. Frank in Texas says:

    That is a great song but it is too bad that they had to include the video version of Ceelo Green singing it. This is the same Ceelo Green who had a song out last year with the title “F**k You”. If you had the misfortune to listen to the lyrics of that song I am sorry since the title word was repeated too many times to count. They had to release a clean version of that song titled “Forget You”. You would think that Roma Downey and Mark Burnett would have known about that and chosen someone else to do the official version for the series. As a Christian I cannot separate the man from his work so I will have to recommend that Christians not frequent this particular work since Green has not repented or disavowed the aforementioned song.