The Media to drive the “conversation on gun rights”?

Over at the Daily Beast former Newsweek reporter Howard Kurtz explains that the media played a role in promoting civil rights in the Jim Crow South, softening public opinion against gay marriage and now should help to make Americans more willing to accept tougher gun ownership restrictions. He is ready to drive and promote “a conversation” about guns that will end with gun rights advocates surrendering to the will of people like, well, Howard Kurtz.

What would this conversation look like? Kurtz gives an example of a question that needs an answer.

Should Jared Loughner have been able to obtain 30 rounds of ammunition to kill six people and wound Gabby Giffords, or should there be limits on high-magazine clips?

Where to start? First off, I have no idea how to define a “high-magazine clips”. Maybe it is some kind of a clip to hang magazines up high. Or maybe it is a short video clip from High Times magazine. It is hard to tell, but I suppose he is trying to say “high capacity magazines”, don’t you think? Okay, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and fix his question for him.

Should Jared Loughner have been able to obtain 30 rounds of ammunition to kill six people and wound Gabby Giffords, or should there be limits on high-magazine clips high capacity magazines?

Hmmmmm. That doesn’t help much, does it? I don’t really see what the second clause has to do with the first. It is a lot like, “Did you ride the bus this morning or did you bring your lunch?” What does the ability to obtain a box and a half of handgun ammo have to do with the capacity of your magazine? I can’t even fix this mess.

So, there you have it. This is what the “media driven conversation” is going to look like: A hot mess. Getting information about guns from the media is is about like asking a stripper named Kandi to explain how LIBOR swaps are tied to the derivatives market. There will be a lot of confused, meaningless babble… except without Kandi’s soothing charms.

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9 Responses to The Media to drive the “conversation on gun rights”?

  1. Buzz daddy says:

    The conversation will be led by the same media who told us yesterday that the Bushmaster .223 is the most powerful gun in America. And yeah, the whole ‘clip’ deal makes my eyes bug out.

    • R.D. Walker says:

      A lot of people make the mistake of calling magazines clips. In fact, normally I would just call it a vernacular thing and let it go except that it does separate those in the know from those who are just talking out their asses.

      Now, having said that, WTF is a “high-magazine clip”? I have no idea what is a “high-magazine” and I have no idea why you would want a clip for it.

      Seriously. The clip/magazine thing is tech talk and really is about as meaningful as the gun/rifle thing that some folks get worked up about. Referring to a high capacity magazine as a “high-magazine clip”, however, is taking ignorance to a new depth.

      Nobody who ever used the term “high-magazine clips” should for a moment think he can lead a conversation on guns.

      • AFB says:

        Heh heh. A clip you nail to the wall about 4′ off the floor, in order to keep magazines from cluttering up your coffee table? 😀

        Even *I*, little blonde chick that I am (and not exactly an encyclopedia on firearm specs and component part terminology), was aghast at seeing the term “high-magazine clip” in that article.

  2. notamobster says:

    The bus or lunch thing was awesome!

    This retard couldn’t lead a conversation about twilight and the sparkly vampires without hurting himself. I think I’ll find my firearms expertise elsewhere.

  3. messup says:

    It’s every New Left Progressive, worth their stripes, is in “lock-step” with Obama’s agenda to have a national Gun Control law a la Bill Clinton’s attempt of the 1993-2001 Presidency. Remember, Connecticut voted and supported Obama’s Democratic ticket.
    Breaking :Tuesday 12/18/2012
    A newly formed group of citizens, “Newtown United,” from the town of Newtown, CT, site of Friday’s school shooting, met with US House of Representatives in Washington DC Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi her staff, Valerie Jarrett, and others of Obama’s cabinet & staff discussing Gun Control – today Tuesday December 18th. Seems like the meeting (all Democrats) was pre-planned and organized by Obama’s cabinet members. Included in this meeting were all of the “Brady Bunch,” too. Probably took place in one of the House of Representatives conference rooms…wonder if it was taped and minutes were kept?

    HLN TV Reporters(5pm)Evening Express: Kyra Phillips and Clark Howard’s (you know, the man who saves you lots of money “clip your 0.20cent cupon before buying a can of lima beans for $3.68.”) extensive reporting of Gun manufacturers, gun dealers and gun sales are now either cancelled, off web sites or in the process of “studying.” A Gun Show in New Castle, NY (scheduled for January 2013, after a ten year hiatus due to Columbine) has been permanently cancelled -to Clark Howards extreme delight.

    Two key players are emerging (among others) in this Kabuki theatre of random acts of shredding the US Constitution: Paul Wilson, Newtown spokesperson calling and meeting with Pelosi and Jarrett and a Mr. Andre Nikitchuk also of Newtown, CT. They emerged from the weekend’s Newtown, CT, townhall meeting where some nine or ten individuals had met and were united in one voice to undo everything their forefathers fought so valiantly for, giving their lives to have this US Constitution.

    Now, partisan politics is working overtime to destroy and shred Americas only guarantee of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. As the bible teaches us: O Lord, protect those for they know not what (serious harm) they do. Pray. Amen.

  4. trebor snoyl says:

    Add to the above,”Assault weapon”. The press bandies that term about like they know what they’re talking about, which we know, they don’t!

  5. Ray Davies says:

    Check out Darrell Scott testimony
    He’s a Columbine father

  6. Uke says:

    A discourse on gun rights being driven by the media is a bit like a discourse on Jewish vacation destinations being driven by the Third Reich.

  7. R.D. Walker says:

    And now a word from one of your betters and a member of the cognitive elite.