“Don’t let this moment pass without acting on gun control”

So says CNN editorial writer.

There is a responsibility to remember after events like this — a need for sustained focus after the heat of the moment passes. Real change will require constructive civic conversation, the kind that Manchin noted has become rare, saying: “It’s a shame that we’ve gotten so toxic a political environment that today in Washington that you can’t sit down and have reasonable discussions with reasonable people to come out to reasonable conclusions.”

Let me translate what the writer is saying. He is saying that gun control advocates have lost the debate. Their arguments have failed. He is arguing that they cannot win a calm, unemotional debate.

He is saying that the only way in which his agenda will be advanced is in a fury of irrational emotionalism. He is telling us that, only in the midst of horror and revulsion, through rash and thoughtless actions can policies he promotes be implemented.

He is admitting that if we “let this moment pass” without implementing policy via some kind of a political Pavlovian response, people will regain their senses, think through the issue and his agenda will be sidelined by reason and logic.

He needs fear, emotionalism and irrationality to promote his agenda.


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One Response to “Don’t let this moment pass without acting on gun control”

  1. R.D. Walker says:

    I propose that Congress immediately pass and the president sign the “Don’t Let Your Psychotic Son Steal Your Guns, Kill You and Shoot Up a School Act of 2012”.

    Had that law been in place and obeyed, the Newtown massacre would not have happened.