Another Mass Shooting Thwarted – In San Antonio

From WOAI News:

It started at the restaurant and then went into the parking lot and then into the movie theater,” Deputy Lou Antu told 1200 WOAI news.

Investigators say some of the terrified restaurant patrons poured into the movie theater, and the gunman followed.

He opened fire, shooting one man in the chest, before Antu says an off duty sheriff’s deputy who was working security at the theater shot him once.

“The officer involved, she took the appropriate action to try to keep everyone safe in the movie theater,” Antu said.

The gunman and the patron are hospitalized.

Antu says the gunman never made it into the theater itself, thanks largely to the heroic work of the off duty deputy.”

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3 Responses to Another Mass Shooting Thwarted – In San Antonio

  1. Jim22 says:

    Here is a nice reference to a list of mass killings that were stopped by an armed citizen:

  2. fubar says:

    has anyone else noticed that the recent murderers have been dressing in a certain way as to imply “role-playing” ?

    “Batman cinema shooting: killer said he was ‘The Joker’ (telegraph, UK)
    Classmate said Holmes was obsessed with role-playing video games;(daily mail, UK)

    “Adam Lanza, …. spent hours in the windowless basement of his home playing violent video games like “Call of Duty” and obsessing over “guns and military equipment.” –Breitbart

    Not trying to ‘blame’ video games – but dealing with my own teenager who has trouble separating “reality” and the online un-reality, I think there is something to this.

  3. notamobster says:

    Violent entertainment definitely has an impact on individuals who are not well-adjusted, socially. This impact is exacerbated in individuals who spend excessive amounts of time engaging in these activities.

    Everything in life must be done in moderation. Too much of ANY one thing is not good. Anti-social behavior is nurtured by individuals sequestering themselves and being inundated with alternate realities. I don’t have any doubt about this.

    That said, it doesn’t apply to most well-adjusted, socially developed individuals.