What to do, what to do…

Well, the other day, I went on CTD to show a friend some rifles. He wanted advice on a rifle purchase. Much to my chagrin, they no longer had a hyperlink to “Firearms”. Weird, I said. When I clicked on a previous day’s bookmark, it took me to the page for the rifle I’m buying I was going to buy before my conscience overwhelmed me. Right there, in big bold red letters, it said “Cheaperthandirt.com does not sell firearms. ” < --- Take a look. I was absolutely gob-smacked. No mention of process or procedural reviews, just a company who has made tens-of-millions of dollars on firearms and their accouterments, growing a vajayjay. To think, one of the largest purveyors of ATG (all things gun) would punk out at the first sign of liberal outrage... I felt like they slapped me in face, personally. Well, they posted on their Facebook page that they were reviewing their procedures and process, "temporary suspension"... Bullcrap! They went all weak-kneed, like a 7th grade girl at her first dance at a time when the 2nd Amendment needed the support of every person who could speak.

Earlier this week CheaperThanDirt!, one of the larger firearms accessories and ammunition retailers, suspended its sales of all firearms following the Connecticut shooting. The move prompted a MASSIVE internet backlash, with the number of “likes” of their Facebook page plummeting and groups springing up to promote a boycott of a “fair weather gun dealer.”

It was seen as a sign that the firearms-related retailer was not as staunch a supporter of the Second Amendment as they appear to be and led to some serious hate in the comments of their Facebook posts. It now appears that they’ve decided to re-start firearms sales, most likely in an attempt to regain some of the 2A cred that they lost in the last few days. CTD employees were still unavailable for comment at time of publication.
So, what to do, what to do? Do you punish the turncoat for a lapse in judgment and withhold your dinero? Or, do you say, screw it – I want cheap stuff and any behavior is acceptable, so long as I get my goods cheap? Hmmm…

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  1. Dave J says:

    I suggest you shop around as imho, ctd has never offered the best available pricing on ammo or firearms….some of their accessories and accoutrements are resonable though. For ammo shop lucky gunner, ammo to go, or underwoods, for arms buds gun shop is hard to beat.

    • notamobster says:

      I always shop around. Obsessively so, sometimes. Their prices are hit and miss.

      What I’m interested in is the rationale from my friends, for whether or not they boycott or support CTD’s right to be foolish.

      I support their right to be stupid. I also exercise my right to spend my money elsewhere. This is no small thing. They freaked out and showed that they don’t believe that arms are a right. They are merely toys, to be sold and not-sold depending upon the whims of the masses.

      None for me, thanks.

      • Doc says:

        nota-I WHOLEHEARTEDLY CONCUR! I personally keep all purchases of this nature local, anyway. With my CCW, there’s no muss & no fuss.

  2. Greg B says:

    This is only my opinion. Add a buck fifty to it and you might get a cup of coffee at Denny’s.
    Screw ’em. They are and firearms and firearms accessory dealer, for fucks sake. Did they think their customers, you know, people who have and use firearms, would somehow consider boycotting them?
    If they are too scared to stand behind their products, then what good are they as a retailer?
    And their name is a joke in my opinion. They act like cutthroat gougers. When 5.56 jumps nearly $300 per 1K rounds virtually overnight, I tend to lose respect. Yes, supply and demand, I get it. But damn.
    By comparison, Freedom, who seems to be having trouble keeping up with manufacturing, their raised prices by about $60 per case. AND on their website, in big red letters, they pledge to ship all orders as fast as possible. Citing times of 2-3 weeks.
    OK, done now.

  3. Ray Davies says:

    Does anybody else have a problem with CTD’s Shipping and handeling charges? I’ve filled out the order sheets a couple times and then got to the shipping charges and said forget it.

  4. TN-Cat says:

    I have always shopped at the independent gun stores. Of course I never bought any of those dangerous guns.

    I find Wal Mart to be very reasonable on the ammo for the guns I never bought as well.

    • notamobster says:

      TN – 🙂

      Alright folks. I saw the bold red letters “Cheaper Than Dirt does not sell firearms.” So, that being said – regardless of prices and shopping around – should they be punished by customers or not? Why or why not?

      • R.D. Walker says:

        I think that is a personal decision. I despise being told who to buy from and not for political reasons. There are a few companies I won’t do business with for various reasons, but they are my reasons.

        Trade with whomever you want and base your buying decision on the value you receive and how you feel about the transaction.

        That said, I think I am going to buy a new truck this weekend. After 30 years of F-150s, I think I am getting a Toyota Tundra. There are many reasons not the least of which is that I like the styling of the Toyota better and I feel like 30 years of the same thing put me in a rut. Still, it was a tough call. In the end, it was a minor reason, but the behavior of UAW fuckers was enough to break the tie.

        • notamobster says:

          I agree completely. I’m just curious what people think and why.


        • TN-Cat says:

          The Tundra is a great truck. Change the 5w20 at 3,000 miles. Not the 5,000 recommended. Runs a lot better. Very close tolerances in the valve train cause it to be a little sluggish when the oil is dirty.

          Great truck! Just turned 50k. Nothing but oil and filters. Brakes still have 40%. Unbelievable.

          • R.D. Walker says:

            This last F-150 is the best vehicle I have ever owned bar none. Eleven years and 144,000 miles and all I ever had to replace was expendables: brakes, battery, spark plugs, that sort of thing. It will be a tough act to follow. I have a lot of trust in the whole Toyota line, however.

        • Jim22 says:

          Only thing I don’r like about Toyota trucks is that the factory writes ‘Turd’ on them.

      • TN-Cat says:

        That is my personal opinion. I like face to face on most purchases. And yes, I spend my hard earned money in places I am comfortable. Even if I pay a little extra, I feel better about buying from those that share in my ideals.

  5. RJM says:

    I received a e-mail from them earlier today that they were overwhelmed with orders and that they were unable to ship within their normal policy of 24 hours and had orders backed up past 72 hours.

    The e-mail said they had suspended sales due to a break down of shipping due to high volume of orders and they were only temporarily suspending orders and would resume shipping after they review their order and shipping policies.

    Like any other outlet you have to shop and compare prices to other outlets to find the best values.

    Personally I’ve had good results from Cheaper Than Dirt for the items I’ve purchased. However, not all of their prices are “good deals.”

  6. Trent says:

    Damn, I thought the same thing as RJM, that due to the high demand of sales they had to delay operations. I didn’t see the disclaimer falsely claiming that they don’t sell firearms. That crosses the line into a new territory.

    I support a companies right to handle delicate situations with tact and patiences, even if I wouldn’t do the same. The NRA had been MIA during this mess, and rightfully so. But this is pure cowarism. If they don’t have the spine to stand up for their product, to support their own customers, then I won’t support them with my dollars. No boycotts, no bitching, just going to the hundreds of other sources to get the product I want. Capitalism at work, pure and simple.

  7. Greg says:

    They should of just claimed they fell down and had a concussion…. and the doctor told them to stay home.

    Anyway, if overwhelmed, then say that, not what appears to have been said.

    Deleted and unliked.

    I take my 2A rights very seriously.

  8. pateriot says:

    I had been looking at that site about 3 weeks ago and had put two pistols and a shotgun in my shopping cart and then left them there without purchasing them. I just went back and the 3 items still appear there but the count has been zeroed and the gun tabs are all gone. I guess that they have been scared or threatened off from selling guns.

    • pateriot says:

      Second thought, perhaps they were simply overwelmed with purchases. I looked at their selection of 9mm ammo and all but about 5 items were listed as “sold out”!

  9. RJM says:

    CTD website this morning says that online firearms sales will resume when they have updated their systems. Orders take 5-7 days before shipping.

    Prior to this they didn’t look like they had any inventory, most things said “Out of stock.”

    I personally don’t think they were making a statement about gun sales. I think it was a inventory, supply, ordering and shipping problem.

    I talked with the sales manager for Lone Wolf yesterday, he said their computer systems were overloaded and they had inventory problems also.

    He stated that it was a good week for sales and that the customers were much nicer this last week, even the east coasters!

    • Rockheim says:

      I could be tempted to agree if it weren’t for the statements the company made on both their facebook page and the banner on their website that didn’t mention inventory issues but instead went over to the “we are halting sales of firearms due to the situation in Conn.” side of the fence.
      If it was an inventory issue.. They would have said something along the lines of “Hey.. we’re sold out and swamped”.. And there was no reason at all to remove the firearms links if that were the case. If they have no inventory, there’s nothing to purchase. If there’s nothing to purchase the “catch up” on existing orders proceeds on it’s own.
      And if it was an order processing issue then the announcement “Cheaperthandirt.com does not sell firearms. ” on the product page would also not be there.

      No.. What happened was this. CTD got caught in political backlash following the school shooting. Those in charge got scared, panicked and reacted in the worst possible way. The angry public laid the framing hammer upside their collective penii and they did an about face, rush to explain, make excuses, etc.
      Due to the ability of the interwebs to hold on to inconvenient things you put on the interwebs and ressurect them at a moments notice.. nobody is buying it.
      CTD is now, quite literally, price raping on everything they sell.. Trying to capitalize on the buying frenzy to make as much money as possible so they can weather the PR storm after the fact..
      I’m generally a tolerant and forgiving consumer.. Almost to a fault. I’m a very self interested one at that. However when a business completely folds to political pressure.. BEFORE THERE IS EVEN PRESSURE.. it’s shows a complete lack of backbone and a willingness to roll over and play dead. It is the sign of a company that absolutely can not be trusted.
      It’s one thing to see a company fight the good fight. Resist these changes but then lose to the lawmakers through force of law and regulation. I get that. But to roll over and play dead long before ANYTHING happens… Nope. Sorry. And if they’ll roll over on something like that.. what else would they roll over on? Would they resist a government request for their sales records? The Fed could simply step in and offer them blanket legal protection for any privacy related lawsuits.. Not like the fed hasn’t bribed companies in the past to break the law and offered them legal protection for it right?
      Who needs a gun registry when you can get spineless retailers simply turns over their sales records?

      Not saying that this has happened at all. Just a simple observation of the faith you place in a coward.

      • notamobster says:

        That’s where my head is at with this. I don’t care one way or another what decision you guys make. I just want you to make an informed decision.

        As for me, they won’t get my money.

    • notamobster says:

      Click on the link in the story and look at their statement. It doesn’t say anything about updating systems or processes. It says “Cheaperthandirt.com does not sell firearms.” Period. The excuses started after the online backlash. I’m not trying to tell anyone what to do or how to do it, but I want to make sure everyone sees exactly what they did. You’re grown ups and will/can do whatever you want, but I want you to make informed decisions.

      Click the link. They still haven’t taken down the BRIGHT RED BOLD-TYPE NOTICE!

      • RJM says:

        Here is the e-mail that i received from CTD:

        “Cheaper Than Dirt! will Resume Online Firearm Sales Pending Policy Changes.

        Cheaper Than Dirt! recently announced that it was temporarily suspending online sales of firearms pending a review of its order processing and procedures. Well-known for its ability to process and ship orders within 24 hours, online sales have skyrocketed to a point where it may take up to 72 hours for firearms and other items to ship.

        “In light of recent events, we believe it is prudent to review our policies and procedures to ensure we can continue to provide the products and firearms our customers demand,” said Chief Operations Officer Roberta Wilson. “We will resume online sales once we update our process and continue as we have always done by shipping firearms only to FFL dealers.”

        Ms. Wilson closed with, “As a long-time supporter of the Second Amendment, we will continue to serve the needs of the firearms community while ensuring our unsurpassed level of quality and customer service.”

        Cheaper Than Dirt! prides itself on being America’s Ultimate Shooting Sports Discounter since 1993. Cheaper Than Dirt! boasts over 100,000 items available for purchase through their Web site and catalog. Articles, photos and videos appear daily on the Shooter’s Log at http://www.CheaperThanDirt.com/blog.

  10. TaterSalad says:

    When will Hollywood and movie/video producers attack this problem that they are responsible for creating for “profit”? They attack gun owners but insulate themselves from the same:

    Here is a video that corrupts America’s young minds and yet Hollywood lets it continue for profits and then blames the NRA and conservatives. Liberals like Michael Moore should take note!

  11. RJM says:

    This is a shooting game, Bib Laden Liqours, cracks me up!



  12. Jim22 says:

    I haven’t bought anything from Cheaper Than Dirt for at least two years. Most of the stuff they sell is cheap Chinese crap. And, their prices may have been cheaper than dirt but other suppliers are even cheaper.

    Boy, I used the word ‘Cheap’ a lot in that paragraph.