Some Animals are More Equal Than Others


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2 Responses to Some Animals are More Equal Than Others

  1. DocO says:

    An open letter to Mayor Bloomberg:

    I’m a huge fan of yours. I support your efforts 100% and believe we should make all of America a Gun Free Zone! Yeah!

    However, the guns that your personal body guards and police escort carry really scare me. Since we both know more guns = more violence and death, I think you should lead by example and unilaterally disarm your personal retainer of body guards and police.

    Think of the example this would set for the rest of those gun totting ninnies when you walk about without the slightest bit of fear in a personal gun free zone that would extend 1000 feet around your person.

    I’m afraid if you don’t do this, some might say that there are two classes of people, those politically connected and/or wealthy enough to afford gun totting personal protection and the common man who must cling to his guns and bible to survive in what we know to be a peaceful world made imperfect by nasty guns.

    Your Greatest Fan : Sunflower Righteous Raisin Johnson-Zettlemeir.

  2. operation mindcrime says:

    The us govt is a registered and broke corp of Maryland. Both parties serve the same masters. Both of their koolaid drinkers will appear here and elsewhere blaming the other. That is how the elite have divided and conquered us. They get the goodies during good and bad times because they have their hands in our wallets. Let the system collapse, re- secure the American revolution and arrest and execute the traitors.