Movie Review – The Hobbit The Unexpected Journey – 3D


Took the kids to see the Hobbit, the Unexpected Journey in 3D yesterday.  I wasn’t really expecting  too much, although the Lord of the Rings series is  amazing, because I had heard that it was all special effects and no plot and that Jackson didn’t follow the book. Two of my daughters are experts on J.R.R. Tolkien and fantasy fiction in general and they were not disappointed.

All I can say is Go. See. It. I probably read the Hobbit about 3 decades ago and don’t remember much, but there was plenty of plot, unlike most Hollywood regurgitations. My daughter said some things were changed, but I’m sure it was for time. The movie  was 3 hours long. The sword and hand to hand combat scenes were AWESOME. The central theme of the protection of divine providence was  obvious. In one scene Gandalf states that evil is best fought with small acts of kindness and love. I’ll admit I was blubbering like a small child at this point. (Yeah, it’s fun to go to the movies with Mom).

The story starts out with the hobbit, a young Bilbo Baggins being recruited as a burglar for a journey with 13 dwarves who have lost their home (greed) when a dragon took over their mountain and all their gold.  Gandalf feels compelled to remove Bilbo (sloth) from his familiar comforts to fulfill to help restore the dwarf kingdom.  Along the way, they come across trolls (gluttony), the orcs (wrath), goblins (wrath),  and Thorin must deal with his conflict with the elves (envy and pride). Bilbo Baggins  confronts Gollum (lust) and learns humility and courage along the way, as well as acquiring the Ring.

The 3D effects took a little bit to get used to. We sat in the very first row, which is a little uncomfortable anyway, and some of the chase scenes made me momentarily nauseous, but it was definitely worth the $11 /ticket. I don’t support Hollywood in general, because most of what they vomit out is garbage, but the Hobbit was A+.

And for the ladies, if you are sick of metrosexual Justin Beiber types, the dwarves were not only ass kicking, they were easy on the eyes ( esp.. Thorin, Fili, Kili, Dwalin). It may have been three hours long, and a few times I kind of forgot why they were traveling and got wrapped up in subplots and charachter flaws, and I would have sat for another 3 hours to find out what happens next.

Can’t wait til the The Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug is released.



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