Preppers Vindicated: Part 14

The following set of Real Revo posts are fictional. None of this happened.

The story up to this point can be found here.

May 15th, 0700:It has been over a year since the outbreak. On its face, things look normal. It is difficult, however, to overstate how much things have changed. I suppose the most visible sign is the ubiquity of the NU Party. It is everywhere and it is growing dramatically. Many of my neighbors are members and others are applying. Evidently there are membership levels or something. I don’t know. I don’t care.

Another thing that is ubiquitous is the New American Recovery Act or NARA. I work for NARA. I manage a NARA warehouse. I don’t know why I was selected to do that sort of work. I know nothing of warehouse management but I wasn’t given a choice in the matter. I was in agricultural sales before the outbreak. Not that it matters. I was assigned that job and so I do it. Most of the other staff at our warehouse doesn’t really know anything about supply chain management either. It is pretty damned chaotic and orders to grocery stores are wrong more often than right. My boss really doesn’t seem to care much that things are a mess. He is more interested in making sure we are all pumped up about NARA goals, not accomplishing them.

Kent is still working in the private sector running small concrete business. The lack of cash is a problem, however. He isn’t ERC compliant and his partner has said he didn’t want to be. He may be softening on that, however. No ERC; no business.

June 21st, 0654: A new executive order was announced yesterday nationalized public, private and parochial schools and prohibiting home schooling. People are pretty damned angry. Even some of our local NU Party cheerleaders seem a little pissed about this. There was no mention on the news of protests.

June 25th, 1635: Today a massive group showed up at NARA offices in Cedar Rapids to protest the nationalization of schools. National Guard troops were called up to disperse the crowd but all they did was stand around and watch. Nothing happened and the protest is still going on. There are rumors of protests from coast to coast but it is impossible to tell. The media isn’t covering them. Some with access through black market proxy servers say similar uprisings are happening across the country.

June 26th, 1900: Gunfire today. It isn’t clear what happened but I am told it involved federal marshals and several are dead. Windows are being boarded up at NARA offices. The National Guard continues to patrol but seems passive. It is almost as if they don’t want to get involved.

June 28th, 1952: There were 10,000 in the street today. The National Guard is gone. A speaker said it is an uprising from coast to coast. I was told not to report to work tomorrow.

July 4th, 0300: Independence Day. There is supposed to be a freedom festival today but it isn’t likely. An executive order that was issued yesterday requires that all rifles and handguns be surrendered by the end of the month. I can tell you what: It isn’t going to happen.

July 5th, 0053: Yeah, there was fireworks on the fourth of July. In fact it sounded like a battle going on. There was gunfire everywhere. We stayed close to the house. Something big is happening. The National Guard is back in their armories. They seem disengaged and things get chaotic. I am told that across Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Utah and other places in the heartland, NARA offices are being shut down. It is so hard to get news! It makes this so nerve wracking.

July 6th, 1233:Interstate travel is being restricted again. The stores are going empty.

July 8th, 0900:According to the rumor mill, the Governor of Texas has announced that, in an emergency session, the state legislature has declared that it is no longer bound by federal law and is preparing to negotiate secession. He has issued an executive order returning control of the Texas National Guard to the state. I am given to understand that Oklahoma and Kansas are close to joining. Back here in Iowa, people are in the streets, the National Guard is quiet weapons are being openly brandished.

I am not going back to work. My food stocks are good for another six weeks. I am tired of this so called emergency. If it is civil war, I didn’t bring it. I am being swept along by events out of my control. So be it. I am waiting to hear from my governor.

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9 Responses to Preppers Vindicated: Part 14

  1. RevoGirl says:

    RD, thanks for the belated Chistmas gift.

  2. Uke says:

    Does anyone else find it worrisome that once you presuppose the sort of disaster that precipitated this whole thing, everything else that RD wrote to follow is just a little too realistic?

  3. RJ says:

    Great read RD

  4. mare says:

    Yes, a very real scenario. *shudders*

  5. Ray Davies says:

    Mr Walker, you, my friend, are doing a good job of scaring the hell out of us. It’s good to wake us up from out peaceful slumber and to remember we’ve been talking and fearing this for at least 50 years. I’m getting to damed old to run so I guess I’ll just have to stand and fight.

  6. notamobster says:

    I saw a good quote today:

    “I keep a gun because I’m too young to die and too old to take an ass whooping.” πŸ™‚

    Great story. Terrifying that absolutely NO ONE finds any of it outlandish. {{{ πŸ™ }}}

  7. xenicalman says:

    I’m quoting your post.
    “Does anyone else find it worrisome that once you presuppose the sort of disaster that precipitated this whole thing, everything else that RD wrote to follow is just a little too realistic”?

    It seems to me that the media are relating the Newtown killings as sort of a disaster . More and more people are jumping on that band wagon. The left now has their “Cause de Celebre.” to effect all manner of gun controls.

    If this is what Uke meant, he was spot on target. (no gun pun intended)