The Future Of Our Liberty

In the milieu of anti-liberty and misplaced blame which has enveloped & divided the nation since the Sandy Hook shooting, I have engaged many. I have engaged ideological friend & foe alike.

I attacked the arguments of both with vigor. With those who lean my way, I attempt to refine their points to usable soundbites and familiar, but developed memes, which they can easily remember & share with liberals.

With liberals, you have seen what I do. I enjoy the engagement. It gets tiresome, but it keeps me on my toes. If ever there were a time, in the course & history of this nation, to stand (and fight)for the individual right to keep and bear arms – that time is upon us.

Behind us are the days of civilized national dialogue about the merits of one side or the other. The opposition is no longer the well-intentioned, Democrat voting segment of the populace, your parents & grandparents belonged to.

What we are witnessing at this stage of America’s development is the maturation of American liberty. Liberty in this case, can be viewed as a young man transitioning from it’s teenage years into adulthood. The young man, Liberty, has spent a number of years ‘sorting his oats’ as it were.

He left the secure, loving, Norman Rockwell painting of his parent’s home and eschewed all things traditional in his quest to find just who he is and secure his place in the world. He has made many friends. He is educated, but still lacks wisdom. Intelligent, but woefully untempered by any recent fire of adversity.

He has now reached the point in his life where he must choose to cleave unto a wife and settle back into the manner of his rearing, or remain in a sad, perpetual stasis – trapped somewhere between boy and man. Both options have an appeal.

One affords him a life of promised ease, and absence of responsibility. The other promises hard-work, responsibility, delayed-gratification, and an opportunity to become more than he ever dreamed – so long as he is willing to put in the work.

We are the friends of our young man, Liberty. We grew up in the same small, traditional town he did. Those who promise him the life of ease in a world free of hardship, violence, or suffering, see themselves as his friends, too. Though misguided, they may be, they see their way as virtuous.

Couple that life of ease with the promise of a bedazzled unicorn sanctuary, free of human nature, where ample food & drink flow freely from the well of other men’s labor and we face a strong challenge in convincing our young man Liberty to come back to the traditional way of living.

Fortunately for us, we have many friends. Our friends are strong and reliable. They are honest. They love Liberty as much as we do, which actually brings me to the point of this article: Liberty’s future.

The future of this nation may well be bloody. I don’t relish the thought in any way, but I do not fail to recognize a threat, when I see it. We are currently poised upon a very dangerous precipice. Our future is entirely reliant upon which way our so-called leadership decides to push.

If they decide to stand-fast, the danger can be averted. I beg that God Almighty’s will for America is continued growth and prosperity, with a return to the principals which made her great. I fear that this may not be the case.

Our nation is currently divided into a few groups. This list will not be all-encompassing, but will show how I view our current situation:

1) Those who believe that liberty is the province of government. These people believe that all manner of wealth & security flow from the government and that government should be used to as a bludgeon and a scalpel to mold man into the image they desire that he would be.

2) Those who believe that liberty is the province of each man unto himself. These people want a very limited intrusion of government into their lives.

3) The majority. The majority have never bothered to even think about liberty. Most of these people live only to satiate their base instincts. They want to eat, drink, mate, and exist. They don’t care how or why this happens – or what is required to make it happen. They’re just here for the ride.

Now, among group 1 are two sub-groups.

The first sub-group is comprised of honest, well-intentioned (though not very intellectually curious), caring human beings who just think that some folks need to be pushed into living as they see fit. We’ve all met them. They say things like: “They should make it harder to do this or that (unwanted behavior).” 

The second sub-group thinks that the government should force you into compliance until you fit the mold they have firmly established as their ideal human being. They believe the process to be irretrievably broken. These believe that any who cannot be re-educated or forced into their way of thinking, should be put down. They believe themselves and their kind, to be above the law and that they as the enlightened should be the arbiters of what is right and wrong. They know what they believe, but haven’t fully examined how things got the way they are, or what the result will be if the existing process were to be short-circuited to achieve their desired outcome. We’ve all seen them. They say things like: “These people should be rounded up.” and “All gun owners should be shot.” and the less-inflammatory “They should just issue executive orders to make it happen.” They are extremely dangerous.

Only one of these two sub-groups has members who may have firearms.

Among Group 2 exist two (or more) sub-groups:

The first sub-group is comprised of people who believe that liberty is the province every man. These believe that liberty must be jealously guarded, and defended at all costs. These same believe that the rule of law should be completely exhausted before violence is even entertained as a last resort. We all know them. They write and speak as much. They say things like: “You have to vote when it’s time to vote.” and “You should become involved the process, if you want to have an effect on it’s outcome.” These people arm themselves because they understand that each man is responsible first, for his own security. They are not, under normal circumstances, a threat to anyone but those who would do harm.

The second sub-group believes in much the same way as the first. Where they differ largely, is their belief that the process is irretrievably broken. This sub-group is marked by the same upper-level views as the first group, without having really spent the requisite time required to gain a full accounting and deeper understanding of the issues for which they are so willing and eager to fight. They know what they ‘believe’ but haven’t fully examined how things got to where they are, or what the result will be should the existing process be short-circuited, and violent confrontation actually occur. We all know them. They say things like: “I agree but the only thing the powers that be understand is force.” They are generally, very-well armed and incredibly dangerous.

Those in Group 3 are comprised of the majority of Americans who just want to go-along to get-along. They want to watch their sports or engage in the pass time, without too much interference from anyone. They don’t concern themselves with much of anything outside of the activities which satiate those base instincts or common human needs for love, acceptance, etc. These people may or may not be armed. Where they lie on the danger scale, is wholly dependent upon the threat which they perceive to be imminent to their ability to satiate their desires and needs. We all know them. They say things like: “I don’t pay attention to politics.” and “Did you see what they did on Honey Boo Boo last night?” or “Why can’t we all just get along?” and (the more dangerous to liberty) “Why can’t we just have some common sense regulation of ______?”

As the debate about 2nd Amendment has unfurled, since the Sandy Hook shooting, many have taken sides. Informed or not, thoughtful or otherwise, the lines are being drawn. When the American people see an immediate threat to their liberty and the 2nd Amendment, they react.

This is evinced by the record number of arms sales, possibly totaling in the tens-of-millions. The FBI background check system has been crashed multiple times since the debate began. Suppliers, the nation over, are backlogged with orders. Americans have purchased BILLIONS of rounds of ammunition. The heated rhetoric of the debate has created a panic of selling and buying unlike anything ever witnessed.

America remains a strong gun culture. When we feel threatened, we arm ourselves. We prepare to defend that which we hold dear. Many of us don’t fully understand the importance of having arms for self-defense, but we arm ourselves, nonetheless.

I pity the nation which elects a tyrant, who in his arrogance, would consider disarming that nation’s citizens. I fear for the nation whose leaders  would attempt to disarm a citizenry with 300,000,000+/- privately-owned firearms. A nation whose military is comprised of volunteers who come (largely) from the culture which encourages and celebrates the free exercise of their RIGHT to self-defense.

Our nation, born of blood and struggle, and long-deemed secure, faces an existential threat. This threat is very-real. It could change the very nature of America and her place in human history. We have seen the enemy, that treacherous, creeping menace who actively seeks to undo our very existence. That enemy is us.

If cooler heads are not allowed to prevail, or our tyrant-in-waiting not able to contain his arrogance, there will be blood in America.

I beg the Almighty that it not be allowed to happen, but if it must come… if this fight must be had – let it come on my watch. Let it be had by men and women who know what is at stake. Men & women who know what it is, to live free.

I fully understand the implications of what I just wrote. It is not with a light heart that I write these words. Our society is greatly divided. Most don’t understand the issues which have set us upon this precipice. They don’t understand, because they don’t want to. They have actively chosen to not understand. That is what makes the situation so tenuous.

Our crisis of leadership in this nation is but a mirror-reflection of the individual crisis we find within ourselves. Our imperial media fans the flames of the inveterate division within our culture. We here at The Real Revo do it, too. I take no shame in my part. I am fighting for the liberty to which I have sworn my life. The imperial media is fighting for control and to a lesser degree, profit. Those on the other end of the political spectrum are fighting for control over us.

They know that an armed populace cannot be subdued and forced to live as they demand. They are terrified at the thought of those who have more intelligence, more grit, and more faith than them. They cannot force us to do anything we do not agree to do. They will try to take our means of resisting. We must not let them.

I pray that they try as they have previously and that their measures are defeated. Should they attempt to confiscate our means of self-defense, or destroy our Bill of Rights, they will not be pleased with the outcome. Neither will I. I will do what I must to protect my liberty and affect the safety, defense, health, and liberty of my family and free men & women everywhere.

While I am encouraged by the response to the threat against our rights, I tremble at the thought of ill-conceived, ill-timed, or dim-witted attempts by those on either end of the spectrum to force a desired outcome.




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29 Responses to The Future Of Our Liberty

  1. R.D. Walker says:

    I am a peaceful man. Hell, I can probably even be bullied up to a point. I am willing to compromise. In business, I am willing to take a loss if I have to in order to do what is right. I am charitable and like to give even a little more than I have to so I can feel like I did my part by the standards of anyone. I will give ground and I will retreat. I will reduce my standard of living if I have to and I will cut back. I am stoic in accepting that I have to play the cards I am dealt.

    At some point, however, that all ends. I pray we are never, ever at that point.

    Watch “the Ghost” resist war… until he no longer could.

    • thebronze says:

      I’m with you R.D. I’ll take/eat a lot of crap from “our betters”, but THIS is my “line in the sand”.

      If “they” come for “them”, there WILL be blood…

  2. Bman says:

    Well done, Nota. Well done, Sir.

    In the wake of Sandy Hook, the gun grabbers face a reaction of what they did not want; more people legally buying fire arms and accessories.

  3. Rockheim says:

    Very well stated Nota.. And with every discussion I have with the gun grabbers, especially concerning the fact that people who previously had no desire to ever own a firearm, and those who have no freaking clue about them or the responsibilty entailed are all rushing out to purchase them at breakneck speeds.. How has this push to regulation made us more safe?
    In fact I think we’re on the precipice of changing what has been over 2 decades of reductions in crime and violence.. The proliferation of weapons in the hands of those who have no respect for them can really only end one way.

  4. Eddie Willers says:

    The gun sales of the past week were not just current gun owners buying more for their collections; I personally know of people who just bought their first gun. They said that they had finally realized that their personal protection was their responsibility, and with all the “threats of government gun grabbing,” now felt that they had insight into what the Founders meant with the 2nd Amendment.
    The ranks of the reasonable liberty loving people are growing, and as they expand, courage to exhaust all means of resistance is not far behind.

  5. Woodface says:

    Well said. I am a little more optimistic because I think gun grabbers are basically a scary looking quadraplegic alligator with no teeth or claws.

    The military is from overwhelmingly conservative gun-owning stock. The policemen too, and they know when they are being sent on a suicide mission, and unlike the military, they didn’t sign up for any of those. So… IF the anti gun crowd tries to go door to door collecting guns.. who exactly is going to do that sucky job? Unarmed hipsters threatening us with sarcasm and mockery via facebook if we do not turn over the guns that we may or may not own?

    If they make the ammunition unavailable or prohibitively expensive, they will just create the exact same illicit black market (with all the attendant violence, etc.) that they whine about and use to argue for drug legalization.

    All they can do is chip away slowly.. ban new sales of “assault weapons”.. a few imports.. if they move too fast they will be ignored or defeated.

    At least I hope so…

    • Rockheim says:

      I would agree with that assessment except for one thing.
      What happened in New Orleans during Katrina where Police in body armor and carrying M4’s went door to door.. booting people out of their homes AND confiscating and destroying weapons as well. And from all the reports there was no “personal conflict” within in the ranks for doing it.

      • Woodface says:

        Fair enough… but I believe that what might go down in a couple of neighborhoods post epic flood would be a great deal different than a nationwide attempt to inspect the homes of 310 million people with only 800k law inforcement employees in the nation (state, local, and federal combined, give or take) It would take years (if that were their only task), it would be known that it was happening, and guns are extremely easy to hide. It would be a colossal waste of time and a thousand guns would remain in circulation for each one that was uncovered, and it would be a deadly job. I think things like what happened in Katrina would be impossible to replicate nationally even if you had a police force 100% dedicated to just that… and it was 10 times larger. I think you would get three days of operations before the police would say “screw that man… if I wanted this I would go in to the military…”

    • J Puruzzi says:

      You might want to study the ‘current regime’s private military’ .. which is FEMA, as well as the construction of those many new gulags .. all with blessing and funding of ‘the tyrant’ …

      • Woodface says:

        FEMA has 8000 employees nationwide. Them plus every policeman in the nation gives you a force that is outnumbered 383 to 1. Figure half of that 383 is outnumbered and can be made to do whatever they are told. You still have them outnumbered 200 to one. IF you get every single fat donut sucking traffic cop and desk jockey to squeeze his fat butt in to body armor and tell them to get to work. I just don’t see it happening.

        Don’t misunderstand me. I am not saying we should not be vigilant and stay informed.. I just think that a door to door disarming is a mathematically impossible job in the USA.

        • Woodface says:

          oops… I mistyped… that should be “half of that 383 is UNARMED and could be made to do…”

        • R.D. Walker says:

          If they decide to confiscate, it is going to be a lot like my Preppers Vindicated scenario. They will come and get them but it will be slow motion over a period of years.

          First you will get a letter asking you to identify the weapons you have in your possession by make and model. They will tell you they have records going back until 1982 but need you to confirm. The letter will come with a warning like this…


          You will have to choose carefully at this point. Do you tell the truth or risk a felony rap?

          If they have reason to believe that you are making false statements, they will get you out of the house first. Maybe tell you that you are being audited and need to set up a meeting at the local IRS office. While you are out, they will execute a legal search warrant and search your house using metal detectors and ground scanning radar. If you didn’t disclose every gun and gun part, you are in trouble. The newspapers will be full of stories of arrests being made.

          The one thing that won’t happen, is armed SWAT teams showing up and demanding that weapons be turned over. Nope, it will be a slow, methodical process with very serious penalties for noncompliance. One way or another, they will get your guns.

          • Woodface says:

            I think that they would start that way and some folks would go down… but overnight people would move most of their guns to undisclosed locations. They can’t metal detect the whole country. Neither can they imprison and pay for the care and feeding of 100 million non-complying people. I think that non-compliance would be the norm and that the amount of work to do that would outstrip their ability, workforce, and ability to fund…. IF they convert every single policeman to gun duty. They might get ME… because I do stuff like post to blogs. heh. I don’t think most would give up their guns. I, for one, would make sure they spent around 200 man hours to try to find everything… multiply that times a hundred million with only a few thousand people working on it. The slow methodical progress would take a couple hundred years and the political winds would change dozens of times before they could get a tenth of the guns.

            I just think that if people realized what they would have to do to take the guns… they would ignore threats of federal charges.

            Now.. that being said, I am not so sure that the populace is smart or educated enough to know that if we all ignore them they don’t have the personnel or equipment to follow through. We don’t really have our own Ghandi at the moment and they do own the press.

            However, I still think it would be an impossible task unless everyone just rolls over.

            • Rockheim says:

              Well.. I think a lot of people would roll over. Maybe as high as 40-50%.. Possibly higher. It’s one thing to hold the moral high ground when you have no danger of losing it. When faced with armed forces at your front door and your children in your house your decision making paradigm will be altered. Even with RD’s scenario.. You know you’ve purchased “firearm related items”… And possibly firearms. Unless you paid cash for every item that doesn’t require a background check and bought your guns only through private sales where the previous owner hasn’t rolled over on you because HE was audited the Government has a “plausible” reason to search.
              If you decide to offsite your weapons to conceal them you have effectively disarmed yourself.
              This would not be an overnight process. It would take years. But then the opposition is patient. Look how long they’ve been working the system so far.. The environment we have today was started by people making small changes in the 50’s and 60’s. And each step is just a bit bigger than the last.

        • nessa says:

          I think you’re failing to take into account the 199 sheeple who were helping you outnumber FEMA and the fat, doughnut munching cops. Once you take the useful idiots and those who will just bow their heads a little lower and keep shuffling on it leaves you standing alone.

          • Woodface says:

            We don’t really disagree other than in matters of degree. I only think that half that many of the gun owners are true sheeple. Probably even less. That would still leave us outnumbering them 100 to one. Of course, I fully admit I could be wrong on that. I am just talking about math here… I am with almost all of you guys 100% on what I believe. I am just saying I think grabbing guns will be a whoooole lot harder than some think.

            I tell you this. I would not like to be any law enforcement employee in any state who pulls out a list of 150,000 “assault weapons” and gets told… “OK.. we need to go get these last few AKs and ARs… these guys are in noncompliance.. we think… they all claim their guns were stolen.”

    • notamobster says:

      Woodface – I don’t see anyone going door-to-door. What a stupid, losing proposition that would be.

      I can (very realistically) see a mandatory buyback. I can also see threats of confiscation. That’s what led me to the overall tone of the article. It’s a very tenuous situation, from all angles.

      If the government threatened mandatory buyback or even hinted at confiscation, I believe things would turn real ugly, real quick.

      Precipitous violence would not serve the cause of liberty at this point.

  6. TN-Cat says:

    Good write up. Thanks Nota.

  7. Woodface says:

    Agreed. Sorry I inadvertantly hijacked the discussion.

  8. notamobster says:

    No way, man. That’s the point of having a discussion. They go where they go. I love it.

  9. mcwhorter says:

    Just a thought. American troops are being committed to 35 African countries according to Russia Today. That combined with with our other previous commitments means most of our soldiers (a healthy portion of what could be considered in the number of “willing to fight gun owners”) will be thousands of miles away in the event of a mass seizure, possibly leaving that job up to blue helmets from Pakistan, Germany, etc. to enforce a UN treaty, support a NATO member in distress, call it what you will.

    • R.D. Walker says:

      A lot of people would be deeply conflicted as to whether to remain law abiding or to surrender their weapons in the event of confiscation. If confiscation were being conducted by “blue helmets”, however, the issue wouldn’t be complex at all. Expect the blue helmets to roll.

      I can’t imagine this happening under any circumstances.

  10. notamobster says:

    Yeah, any ambiguity as to the nature and necessity of the fight would vaporize if the folks had the panzy blue helmet covers. Hell, I’d start a collection. Might even make a clothing line out of nothing but blue helmet covers.

  11. mcwhorter says:

    You guys are both right, and I can’t help but suspect that the average American is a little more small arms proficient than the average camel jockey, albeit a little rounder but it makes me laugh to think of little heads under bright blue helmets saying “I’m not going back there!” in 40 languages! Americans are scary good with guns, I have a friend who hit a bird in flight on his second shot with a S&W M&P full size in .40. It may be true that they have tanks, but they have to go to the tanks, service the tanks, and get back out, assuming they get back because we’re also pretty crafty….

  12. Bman says:

    The only thing that has ever been shot out of a UN tank is a flag with the word “bang” on it.

  13. thebronze says:

    Damn well said, Nota!!

  14. thebronze says:

    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”
    – Marcus Tullius Cicero

    The traitors are among us. They must be stopped. By any means necessary…

  15. notamobster says:

    We have had traitors amongst us for many a year, bronze…

    While the traitor is the plague, there exist means to defeat him. Have you joined your local party to exorcise the demons and defeat him?

    I don’t know that voting will work,but we must keep trying to win through ballot, before we approach our problems through the scope.

    • Uke says:

      The traitor is by far the greater threat, it’s sure. But what system exists that both punishes traitors and empowers free men?