Most Americans approve of the NRA

The latest approval rating was gathered on December 19-22; after the Newtown attack.


The National Rifle Association continues to have a majority favorable image in the eyes of the American public, as it has in all but one of the seven surveys in which Gallup has measured it since 1993. The NRA’s image is highly politicized, with Republicans largely saying they have a favorable opinion, while a majority of Democrats view the association unfavorably. Most Americans with a gun in their household have a favorable opinion of the NRA, but one-fourth do not — and 49% of those with a gun in the household say the NRA represents their views on guns only sometimes, or never.

The survey wasn’t granular enough to say, but I suspect that a non-trivial percentage of those with a gun in the house who say that the NRA doesn’t fully represent their views are people who believe the NRA is not firm enough in its protection of 2nd Amendment rights

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