On Self-Defense In Britain

Britons Are discussing a ban on long knives.

From The Gun Tutor:

In 1953 British law banned carrying anything for the purpose of self-defense.

The Home Office spokesperson cited this regulation, stating, “An individual has to demonstrate that he had good reason to possess a knife, for example for fishing, other sporting purposes or as part of his profession (e.g. a chef) in a public place.”

In many instances this has resulted in a “might makes right” scenario in England. The victim is unauthorized to meet the assailant’s force, and must hope that his or her strength is sufficient to save his or her own life.

The BBC offers this advice for anyone in Britain who is attacked on the street: You are permitted to protect yourself with a briefcase, a handbag, or keys. You should shout ‘Call the Police’ rather than ‘Help.’ Bystanders are not to help. They have been taught to leave such matters to the professionals. If you manage to knock your attacker down, you must not hit him again or you risk being charged with assault.”

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6 Responses to On Self-Defense In Britain

  1. Greg B says:

    Whatever happened to the tough as nails nation that gave as good as they got or better?
    Did they just lose ALL intestinal fortitude?

  2. Eddie Willers says:

    Everyone must become a victim for the centrally planned progressive society to work. Don’t resist, don’t prepare, just stay abused until the proper official shows up to arbitrate government approved justice.

  3. Uke says:

    This would be hilarious if it were intentional satire.

    • notamobster says:

      I could easily see this as a Python skit…

      If hitting them again with my briefcase could result in assault charges, what would smashing his face in with my hammer fists result in, I wonder?

      (I have mildly violent tendencies when presented with dangerous situations. Observers should not take my stated reactions as a guide for behavior or appropriate response to threat stimuli. I am a skilled professional and an angry, mal-adjusted ogre. I am under-socialized, and hyper-reactive to the threat of physical oppression, possibly due to childhood victimization and long-buried issues with my mother. I should seek counselling or perhaps, people should just not try to hurt me.) 🙂

      • Rockheim says:

        I look at it a different way.
        If that person hadn’t wanted to be beaten into a bloody mess.. He shouldn’t have put himself in that position.
        My sympathy for the beaten criminal begins and ends with personal responsibility.
        Sure.. All that guy wanted to do was to rob you of your change so he could buy another pack of smokes.. Did he deserve to have his spine shattered and be shown his own spleen by a laughing, cackling lunatic? Is that the punishement we as society should levy upon the simple thief?
        Well no. However.. That was a possibility that the thief should have considered before he chose to engage in his endeavors of the day.
        Thermonuclear response to any perceived threat is a great way to live personally.
        “I say we take off and nuke the site from orbit.. It’s the only way to be sure”
        As a criminal you need to have the crystal clear underastanding that while you may run into mealy mouthed, spinless sheep most of the time.. There will be that occasion you encounter a Ellen Ripley or a Marsellus Wallace who has a couple “Pipe hitting n*ggers” who will get medieval on your ass.
        You understood the risks of the job when you put on the uniform son. Welcome to your bracing Object lesson in the consequences of your actions..

  4. William Cravens says:

    I simply cannot believe what I have just read. It sounds like something from Orwell’s ‘1984’. This is the inevitable result of secular socialism. Citizens are no longer “people”. They are sheep… mindless sheep… which the government controls with essentially limitless power. The dehumanization of this practice is beyond comprehension. “you must not hit him again, or you risk being charged with assault”? “Bystanders are not to help.”?? “They have been taught to leave such matters to the professionals.”??? How inhuman and totalitarian can they get? May God rain condemnation down on the heads of whomsoever wrote such legislation. May they reap all of the rewards of their wickedness, down to the very dregs. There is no curse in any language by which to damn them as much as they deserve. Unspeakable… simply, totally, unspeakable.