Watch Jesse Jackson Dance

I’m surprised. The CNN guy actually asks him – repeatedly – why other cities should adopt Chicago style gun laws when they are working so poorly there.

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  1. R.D. Walker says:

    If gun laws have failed in Chicago, why enact them elsewhere?

    “It is a problem of, because, targeting and the gun manufacturers are targeting and poverty and education and a comprehensive plan is needed because of violence and ongoing tragedy of inner city addressing of issues associated with a lack of work toward comprehensive foresight and planning.”

  2. JCT says:

    Well, that clears it all up then.

    2003-2012 – More homicides in Chicago than US Soldier deaths in Iraq.

    Do the hustle.

  3. rider says:

    No eloquent insight, just that for some reason he reminds me of a parasite.

  4. Matt says:

    Why is it that when the absolutely vacuous quote provided above by RD is delivered with a southern mumble and a preacher’s cadence, people feel that the person delivering it is somehow relevant enough to take up limited space on our airwaves?

    Note his last sentence: ” . . . and so we need a comprehensive plan, this is the need for an urban policy for reconstruction, not just gun violence alone is the issue here . . .” Uh huh. An urban policy for reconstruction. Kind of like the now 50 year-long war on poverty? How’s that working out?

  5. xiphos says:

    Well, at least it looks as though he learned to stop drooling on himself………….for the time being.

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