Old Time Hockey

Eddie Shore? Toe Blake?

While the NHL is still on lockout without an end in site, other professional leagues are continuing with their seasons. The Southern Professional Hockey League’s (SPHL) Huntsville Havoc and Mississippi Surge, engage in an old fasion donnybrook. Fighting is part of hockey. It is part of the culture. It is a necessity of the game, played by gentelmen, to ensure a disciplined, clean game is played. Without fighting in hockey, there would be a plethora of injuries caused to players through cheapshots and undisciplined play. Fighting in hockey keeps the players in check to ensure they all follow the rules. Sometimes people just need to be taught a lesson so they mind their manners. Sometimes fighting is necessary.

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One Response to Old Time Hockey

  1. Bman says:

    Some love for the UND Fighting Sioux

    Hell, even women hockey players fight.