Obama says he is coming for the guns

This morning on Meet the Press.

President Obama on Sunday said he would make gun control a priority in his new term, pledging to put his “full weight” behind passing new restrictions on firearms in 2013.

“I’m going to be putting forward a package and I’m going to be putting my full weight behind it,” said Obama in an interview aired on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “I’m going to be making an argument to the American people about why this is important and why we have to do everything we can to make sure that something like what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary does not happen again.”

He always falls back on the same solution…

Something fundamental in America has to change.

Tyrants cannot abide an armed citizenry.

Will there be resistance? Absolutely there will be resistance.

Well, he got that right.

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20 Responses to Obama says he is coming for the guns

  1. Jim22 says:

    He’s pushing for a rebellion that he can put down. Then comes martial law in response.

  2. James says:

    Rather than armed guards at schools, I think parents pulling their kids from public schools is a good solution. Heck, shut down public schools. They attract killers.

  3. Slaphappypap says:

    He never mentioned the fact that Lanza STOLE the weapons in the first place.

    • Uke says:

      We should make gun laws tougher by making it illegal to steal guns.

      • R.D. Walker says:

        I propose to pieces of legislation.

        The “Don’t Steal Your Mother’s Guns, Kill Her With Them and Then Use Them to Shoot Up a School Act of 2013”. Had this law been in effect, Newtown could have been avoided.

        I am also proposing the “Bill to Prevent the Illegal Transfer of Guns To Mexican Drug Lords to Reduce Drug Related Killings.” It would also have saved many lives.

  4. rj says:

    after careful consideration of the possibility of being on a watchlist in the recess of some govt server at the new nsa intell gathering site I have only this comment to make

    Hey fuckstick tell us something we didn’t already know…

  5. R.D. Walker says:

    Watch the liar lie through his teeth. Nothing this man says is binding. Nothing he says should be believed. He has no honor and lies constantly.

    • Uke says:

      “It will be for the rulers of our city, then, if anyone, to use falsehood in dealing with citizen or enemy for the good of the State; no one else must do so. And if any citizen lies to our rulers, we shall regard it as a still graver offense than it is for a patient to lie to his doctor, or for an athlete to lie to his trainer about his physical condition, or for a sailor to misrepresent to his captain any matter concerning the ship or crew, or the state of himself or his fellow sailors.”

      – Plato, The Republic, Part 3, 389c.

      Is it any wonder they don’t care a whit about lying to us? The elite see themselves not only elite, but not bound by the same ethical and legal standards that we are.

  6. messup says:

    Fact #1-Then there’s Clinton’s allowing Chinese leasing of California’s Long Beach Naval Base to “China Ocean Shipping Company- COSCO.” ThIs same company, was caught smuggling AK-47’s to California’s street gangs.Despite the growing number of area residents lobbying Congress to prevent COSCO from enjoying increased access to the port, the city of Long Beach and the Clinton administration favor(ed) the lucrative lease and job creation arrangement. Let’s remember “Fast & Furious,” too.

    How Obama will attempt to impose Gun Control on America(ns):
    From AmeriPac – In a series of recent Executive Orders, Barack Obama has officially forfeited US Sovereignty to the foreign regulators – and placed the most offensive of radicals in charge of Americas trade (and commerce).
    On May 1, 2012, Barack Obama signed yet another of his famous Constitution killing Executive Orders.
    This latest order, #13609, makes the United States subject to foreign regulators. Through this order Obama has created the “Regulatory Working Group” designed to change and eliminate US regulations to comply not with American standards, but international regulatory agencies. (Note of interest-Hillary Clinton already proposed “Gun Treaty” approved wording to the UN).
    “Today’s executive order marks a paradigm shift for U.S. regulators by directing them to take the international implications of their work into account in a consistent and comprehensive way,” Sean Heather, vice president of the chamber’s Center for Global Regulatory Cooperation.
    But wait, it gets worse – the so called “Regulatory Working Group” is headed by Cass Sunstein (Maoist incarnate). This is the same Cass Sunstein who has written prolifically that:
    1) animals should be able to sue their owners,
    2)the government should be allowed to decide who gets to live (Death Panels in Obamacare) and
    3)that the government should be able to harvest citizens organs without permission.
    Apparently, in Obama’s world, giving away American sovereignty isn’t enough – he is appointing the most offensive members of his inner circle of radicals to lead the charge. (Valerie Jarrett, Joe Biden come to mind).
    The decision is clear, we MUST now FIRE OBAMA….with an Impeachment procedure. Because America may not survive 2013, let alone another 4 years of Barack Obama’s “radical transformation.”(AmeriPac, May 19, 2012) Pray. Amen.

  7. vamd says:

    Just returned home from “Nation’s Gun Show” in Northern Virginia. Line of 500-600 waiting to get in at opening (of 3rd day of the show). Numerous local dealers. essentially no models of AR types available, all sold out. Many, many, many buyers. Prices very jacked up (supply and demand at play). Ammo flying out the door. People here are extremely worried about this administration’s intention to limit our 2nd amendment rights.

  8. Notamobster says:

    Agreed Jim he’s trying to provoke rebellion. Depending on how hard he pushes, he might just get it.

  9. Greg B says:

    Quoting Uke from last week. (slightly shortened)

    “Get fucked. Seriously.”

  10. Locke n Load says:

    Obama’s already assembling his army of strawmen to sacrifice on the intellectual battlefield. The cretin whacks strawmen as efficiently as he does the SEALs.
    I’m willing to bet more SEALs have died under O than all other presidents combined.

  11. Ray Davies says:

    This is the headline article on The Drudge Report today


  12. Ray Davies says:

    Let me get this straight now— Obama wants all our guns,ASAP. The government wants an unarmed populace and they know everyone is not going to turn in all their guns. Now, how many government departments ordered millions of rounds of hollow point pistol and rifle ammo? I believe Obama pledged to have a Civilian Army at least as big as the US military. Be afraid,people. Be very afraid.

    • notamobster says:

      While I fear the cost of a civil war, I will not fear these people.

      I worry for the cost to this nation if the current regime oversteps it’s bounds and completely delegitimizes itself. I fear more, the cost to our children and the future of this nation if we don’t resist these tyrannical efforts. Resist first, with all legal avenues of redress.

      If the current regime oversteps their Constitutional authority in an egregious manner, all bets are off. God forbid.

      • TN-Cat says:

        These progressives are absolute evil and will stop at nothing to convert this country.

        Think of the mentality one must possess to give thousands of arms to the most brutal people in the world so they can go on a killing spree, only so they can sit back in their well protected offices and say “see what guns do?”

        I hats these people

  13. Greg says:

    It is risky these days to put anything in writing on the internet, since our own government captures every keystroke, comment, word, phone call, email, blog, etc… of not only our nation, but perhaps other nations as well.

    I support 2A and our right to bear arms. I suppose we will all know when the time comes to defend that right … through demonstration to our elite leaders whom may be to ignorant to even realize they are being manipulated… in their eyes they think they are doing good for MOST of us…. each year it is someone else … each segment of society the fat gets trimmed… a right here a right there…. rounded up… herded into this corner… dependent on this food card… that check…

    The Real Revoista’s need to be in the country so they can provide for themselves and prepare to assist others to learn to do the same, for when it comes, it will strike the cities first.

    Another blog, site, I saw today… and someone asked, why do the police in cities and elsewhere need machine guns, armed assault vehicles, and so on? It was thought provoking.

    Happy New Year. I am tired of the many who think I am out to lunch for all my posts on Facebook, Emails, preaching our rights, and still… yet… they just wander off and seem to think it is me. I am told I sound like a nut… or the boy who cried wolf.

    I am thinking I need that 5 acres out in the back country.

    • notamobster says:

      You’re not crazy Greg, just keep fighting the good fight.

      • Greg says:

        I wish I was back in the states so I could get some tools… scouting land occasionally in the NW panhandle florida… would like turkey area.