The Real Revo Review of 2012


It started with a caucus and that got us going. In January, Revoistas took sides. We pissed each other off hacking on Romney, Santorum, Gingrich and Paul in turn. We were passionate about who we wanted, who we didn’t and why. It was a contentious month on the Real Revo.

In February we continued the battle but we talked a lot about gasoline prices which were on the rise. February was when we realized that Obamacare would make the religious pay for abortifacients and that Obama had no intention of accommodating faith. He would force people of faith to choose between his law and God’s law.

In March, we were saddened by the sudden loss of Andrew Breitbart. It was a gut shot to the conservative movement. We learned the names George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin and watched the Supreme Court hammer the Administration on the individual mandate setting us all up for a big disappointment down the road.

In April we talked about dogs on Mitt’s roof and on Obama’s dinner plate. It was the month that Obama declared there is a war on women.

In May, we learned about the family lore of Elizabeth Warren and how even a lilly white woman can take advantage of Affirmative Action by pretending to be a woman of color. We found out the meaning of “choom” and that investing in businesses with private equity as does Bain Capital is evil. We watched as the venture socialist state of Greece collapsed.

In June, the SCOTUS betrayed all expectations and upheld the individual mandate in Obamacare. Governor Walker didn’t have to walk in Wisconsin. Obama declared executive privilege to protect Eric Holder from prosecution in the Fast and Furious crime. Conveniently and right on schedule, Obama “evolved” to – for the first time – support gay marriage.

In July, White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters that the Obama administration has no plans to push new gun control measures in the wake of the deadly shooting rampage at a Colorado movie theater. There was, after all, an election coming up.

In August we learned that, unlike in the case of Bristol Palin, the cogitative elite deems it unacceptable to call Sandra Fluke a slut. We also learned to never, ever, EVER use the term “legitimate rape”. Paul Ryan looked at the ladies and said, “hey girl” and we all appreciated Chick-Fil-A

In September, we watched the president leave the consulate in Benghazi twisting in the wind. Too bad he didn’t rush to their aid the way the MSM rushed to his in the aftermath.

In October we watched as newspaper after newspaper came out in support of Mitt Romney for president. We witnessed the lamest October Surprises in history and we witnessed an impressive rise in Romney’s polling coast to coast.

In November we despaired.

In December, contrary to the predictions of Revoistas and Mayans, the world did not end. We are, however, witnessing Obama pretend to negotiate on the fiscal cliff while simply engaging in a political scorched earth strategy. We are also watching as, unlike was the case in July, he moves to exploit a tragedy and disarm the citizenry.

Get ready. Here comes 2013. Let’s hope it turns out better than 2012… but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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One Response to The Real Revo Review of 2012

  1. messup says:

    This list is america’s swan song. Copy it, read it and re-read it.
    It will be termed “the good ‘ol days” as compared to what 2013 and beyond holds for Americans.

    America has become the “don’t gore my cow” nation of mind numbed zombies. A growing populace of some 95+ million americans now receive some form of government assistance…this alone explains America’s future. Trouble with this mentality is…more Americans (and illegal aliens)want more government assitance programs (national level, state, county and municipal). Need Proof? Check out California!!!

    56% of all america’s production capacity is now done overseas. This used to hover around 25% to 35%. Trouble with this trend line is it’s increasing exponentially…that is, more and more future American manufacturing WILL be done overseas.

    Municipalites are today trying to guage their education need by identifying this trend line. Decisions as to what type of high school curricula and student will those remaining industries in the USA need. Most answers seem to be “low skilled” non-technical type laborers. Most highly skilled, college graduate type employees will be found more and more, overseas.

    Yes, 2013 and beyond seem to be America’s Zombie nation. Pray. Amen.