Read my lips, the 2014 campaign will look like 1992

In 1988, George H.W. Bush ran a campaign in which he said he would support no tax increases. “Read my lips,” he famously said, “no new taxes.” He was elected and the pressure to raise taxes began immediately.

The Democrats controlled Congress and insisted that tax increases were needed. The MSM maintained a constant drumbeat of calls for bipartisanship and compromise. Both Democrats and the media insisted that a statesman would reach across the aisle and work with Democrats in Congress.

Eventually, Bush relented and signed a tax increase bill that was placed before him. He was congratulated for his leadership and bipartisan spirit. Until the campaign of 1992.

Once the campaign started, Clinton and the Democrats began a relentless campaign against Bush as a man who could not be trusted to honor a pledge. They framed him as a person who’s word meant nothing. They played the “read my lips” comment over and over and reminded Americans that, while he had promised no new taxes, he signed a bill raising taxes. He was no longer a statesman and leader willing to work with the loyal opposition. He was now man who lied about his intentions regarding taxes and raised them in violation of his pledge.

Expect the Republicans who agreed to the tax increase about $400,000 in income to receive the same treatment. It is, in fact, the only reason Obama refused revenue increases through the phasing out of deductions.

Obama got $600 billion in tax increases over the next ten years. Boehner had offered him $800 billion and Obama rejected it. Why? Because Boehner offered him revenue increases based on ending deductions, not raising rates. For the Democrats, it was critically important that they be able to say that Republicans violated their pledge to not raise taxes.

It is all Kumbaya right now but in 2014, we will hear how the Republicans in Congress are tax increasing spendaholics. It will be 1992 all over again. I guarantee it.

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5 Responses to Read my lips, the 2014 campaign will look like 1992

  1. serfer62 says:

    Its 1773 again
    King George III & his evil parliment have taken Washington DC
    The TEA is on the wharf
    Lexington & Concord are down the road.

    Its time to party! Tea party.

  2. rj says:

    on the money analysis, and pubs will take a beating in mid terms.

  3. notamobster says:

    On the money, yes. Will they take a beating mid-term? Not likely. By the time the elections roll around the tyrants will have put their tyrannical ways out in the open, disinfecting exposure of daylight, for all to see.

  4. Doc says:

    R.D.-Excellent post! Apparadently, 1 of the hosts on “The Nearly Famous Barry Young” show on 550AM KFYI this morning was saying this EXACT SAME THING. She must’ve read this before the show.

  5. PhoneGuy says:

    I am inclined to actually wish for that end result. The GOP is pretty much finished in my opinion. They have let Obama manipulate them to the point of being “useful idiots”. The leadership of the GOP needs an even deeper lesson on their ineptness. The presidential election was proof of their relaxed grip on reality. They have never been able to see Obama for what he is – a masterful politician, a constant campaigner and a “rock star” personality. All the logic in the world will never overcome these.

    Maybe a complete and utter loss in 2014 will finally shake up the Grand OLD Party. The only saving grace is that the Democrats aren’t fooling anyone. Without Obama, they fail miserably in elections. 2010 proved that without Obama on the ballot the base is not energize not matter the lies being spun by Democratic congressional candidates and the media.

    Of course, by 2014 there just may not be anything left for which to vote.