It’s A Free Country, But Words Have Consequences

In this great nation you are free to do & say as your please. If you want to scream “revolution!” on the street corner, you can. You will be held legally responsible for any damage which occurs as a result.

If you want to say that we should overthrow the government & return the nation to it’s founding principles, you can do so. If your words prompt others to act in furtherance of an illegal attempt to overthrow the government, I can assure you that Uncle Sam will hold you accountable.

I have to say that while I will defend my rights by any means necessary, I find it incredibly DISTURBING that so many people are not only willing, but eager to go to war with their countrymen.

I can’t tell if all the bluster is caused by stupidity, risk-free internet bravado, or some dangerous combination of the two. People seem to be amping each other up for war. What the hell? We’re not to that point yet, people.

It is dangerous and stupid to go to war with our government. It delivers the people right into the tyrant’s hands if done precipitously. We need to dial back the rhetoric before some idiot sets off a half-assed insurrection and gets us all crushed underfoot.

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17 Responses to It’s A Free Country, But Words Have Consequences

  1. Fubar says:

    one has to consider that not all bravado is coming from freedom loving, Constitutionalist libertarians. THEY would like nothing better then a 1/2 assed insurrection.

  2. notamobster says:

    NO DOUBT, fubar! I have no misgivings about the trolls who are paid to disseminate information on the internet as well as those who just do it because they’re true-believers.

    Those people are why I threw this little thought-stream out there.

  3. JC says:

    I don’t know, but it seems that the incident in Lexington on that April morning was kinda half-assed, ya think?

    • R.D. Walker says:

      Yeah. The Colonists were EXTREMELY lucky it went the way it did. The Whiskey Rebellion guys a a couple of decades later, not so much. Johnny Reb didn’t get the job done either.

    • notamobster says:

      Are you seriously arguing in favor of a half-assed insurrection? Really?

      That incident at Lexington was in response to the Brits TAKING the means of defense from the colonists. The actual act of of confiscation is an entirely different animal than a bunch of liberals saying we should get rid of guns.

      If that point (a logistical impossibility, btw)ever comes, you won’t hear a peep out of me, because I’ll be a bit pre-occupied with subversive activities. We are not even close to that point. The likelihood of an attempt at confiscation is infinitesimal.

      The likelihood, however, that people get each other worked-up and someone over-reacts causing a cascade of disastrous events to unfold is much more realistic. Thus, I’m doing my part to convince people to take it down a notch.

      • slinger says:

        Nota, gun confiscation might be a logistical impossibility (right now); however, gun registration is not. A halfway-intelligent person understands that the way to gun control is through nickel and dime operations. Gun owners lose a nickel here and a dime there until they are left with black powder muskets. We have already been nickel and dimed (some states more than others), and precious few seem to care.

        The point is that resistance is only possible while the people still have the means to resist. Currently, we still have the means to resist, but how many nickels and dimes can we give up before we’re flat broke?

        • notamobster says:

          Of course I understand that, slinger. Have I ever given the impression otherwise?

          Look, my Grandpa got yelled at by Audy Murphy for lighting a cigarette on a case of grenades/explosives.

          The point is this: When you’re sitting on a powder keg with a lit match and someone yells that there is a threat, don’t drop the lit match on the explosives.

          We can make our voices heard. We can let them know, in no uncertain terms, that they will not have confiscation or registration of firearms.

          What we do not need is people taking a war footing with their own countrymen and encouraging some half-wit to go off half-cocked and cause the government to crack down on half of the people we will need if a genuine insurrection were to ever occur.

          • slinger says:

            I guess where I differ from you is your statement that “We are not even close to that point.” I would argue that we have never been closer to that point.

            Who here doesn’t think that registration is a possible or even likely outcome? How about a federal $200 stamp on all semiautomatic weapons? We are already used to that burden when it comes to suppressors and fully-automatic weapons. Most of the country would view that as a common sense gun control law; however, it is a very insidious form of registration. There goes another dime or two.

            • slinger says:

              Of course, this is just a theoretical exercise. As you all know, I don’t even like guns 😉

    • RJ says:

      As the old saying goes, if you feel froggy go ahead and jump, just don’t expect everyone to jump with you.

      Every man has a line from which they will not retreat, every man has a limit of abuse that they will tolorate.

      Every smart man will do everything they can before resorting to violence to resolve an issue.

    • Jim22 says:

      Yes it was somewhat half-assed. The People of the fledgling country would not support the rebels financially. The men who fought were outnumbered and facing the most powerful nation in the world. At least half of Americans supported the king.

      RD says we were lucky to win but we didn’t win at first. Lots of American troops fought and died. But we had a couple of advantages. One was that the British were a long sail from their supplies. Another was that the British king got tired of the war. Another was that Americans had some smart and persistent leaders.

      Smart because they chose what in those days was unconventional warfare. Those methods are no longer unconventional.

      Persistence was a powerful key. After being defeated time after time the Americans kept trying. That requires leaders who can get their troops to rally for ‘Just one more try’.

      Few, perhaps none, of those advantages will exist today. Anyone who thinks a bunch of deer hunters can defeat the US military is delusional.

  4. notamobster says:

    ^^^ Let it sink in.^^^

    Half-assed insurrectionary attempts to prevent actions which have a low-likelihood of coming to fruition will only alienate many folks who would join a legitimate resistance in a heartbeat.

  5. Ray Davies says:

    The insurrection would have to start within the government and spread from there. For a bunch of armed men,even hundreds,would have no effect on Washington,except to sell news. Congress and the senate would have to overthrow the president and then it would be up to the outsiders (US) to take care of the ones trying to take back the office. In this scenerio,I don’t believe the military would interfere.

  6. Greg B says:

    Most of what is out there is bravado, I suspect.
    Along with likely gov plants to attempt to stir up trouble.
    But, the bravado types, along with the true believers, and I’m a bit guilty from time to time, may be simply trying to make enough noise to get the point to sink in.
    I think this because there is just so MUCH of it. I have to believe that once there is, oh say, 3 or 4 billion posts, essays, comments etc., DC has to consider the possibility.

  7. MadBrad says:

    Simple math will accomplish more than bullets. Think about how many lives were spared as a result of the math that caught up with the Soviet Union. Until that happened the only thing I believed would bring down the evil empire was a big War.

    The reality of mathematics is inescapable. All we have to do is figure out how to survive.

  8. RJ says:

    Right you are Brad.

    In the vein of the movie Tombstone, you tell em truth is coming to Washington DC, do you hear me? truth is coming and math is coming with me! Math is coming with me!

  9. MadBrad says:

    I was once told that a classic sign of “Bad Infantry” was to take cover and call for fire when making contact with the enemy.


    Artillery is a force multiplier. It’s there to be used. It’s there to help save the lives of the men who use it. It’s cheaper than flesh and blood so let it go to work.

    The same applies to the use of math in our scenario. Let the math go to work and weaken the opponent until they are no longer able to function. There is no scenario in which the math that is at hand could possibly fail to accomplish our objectives for us.

    Most Americans aren’t nearly as tough as they would like to believe themselves to be and I’m the first to be included in that bunch. I’ve found out just how weak I really am over the course of 2012. It’s a harsh reality.

    MOST Americans are not tough enough to be anywhere nearly as effective at removing the domestic threat as simple math. Let the math do its work and lets all learn how to best ride the tide as it goes. It’s the best we can really do.