Ice Rescue…

…you are doing it wrong.

A chain reaction panic saw nearly a dozen people fall through thin ice into a US lake.

The desperate cries for help began when one man on a sledging excursion in Wrightwood, California, fell through the ice.

Others frantically tried to rescue him, but one-by-one they plunged into the icy water themselves.

Within five minutes from the first crack, nearly a dozen people were fighting for their lives.

Everyone is fine.

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20 Responses to Ice Rescue…

  1. A Guy says:

    It’s hard to watch. All those people had good intentions, but clearly did not grow up anywhere around cold temperatures.

  2. Rockheim says:


    Ermagerd erce is veera derngerers…

  3. James says:

    People put about the same amount of thinking into their rescue attempts as their voting.

  4. Jim22 says:

    Aztlan will kill the new invaders.

  5. Tony says:

    An example of the well meaning lemming. How you choose to help makes all the difference.

  6. Bman says:

    “Hey Ole? How tick is de ice?”

    “Ohhh aboot two inches der, Lars.”

    “Sounds safe to me, ya.”

  7. James says:

    Norskies are too smart to walk on thin ice.
    These are California democrats.

  8. Bman says:

    This video is more proof of global warming…

  9. dukkaA says:

    You would have thought everyone of these dumbasses would have learned something by watching tv over the years. Holy mental retards.

  10. sortahwitte says:

    “Hey! Let go of my ears! I know what I’m doing!”

  11. Ray Davies says:

    Can you say Idiots,boys and girls. You can bet one of these people were ever scouts.

  12. Greg B says:

    One of the guys at work referred to them as “cityiots”

    • R.D. Walker says:

      Cityiots! Damn, that’s the Revo word of the year! I have stolen that and will be using it the rest of my life. I run into Cityiots all the time!

    • Jim22 says:

      Count me in as well. Might as well start a Revo dictionary like the urban dictionary – only with terms that make fun of liberals.

    • Rockheim says:

      Thrice and done… Welcoming a new word to the lexicon..

  13. Jim22 says:

    That ice is less than an inch thick.