Obama To Push Gun Control “Quickly”

Obama glowing

 Well, whatever he’s gonna push, looks like he’s gonna do it soon.

President Barack Obama will go for immigration reform and gun control this month, the White House tells the left-leaning Huffington Post. Obama’s actions will reportedly be done “quickly.”

“An Obama administration official said the president plans to push for immigration reform this January. The official, who spoke about legislative plans only on condition of anonymity, said that coming standoffs over deficit reduction are unlikely to drain momentum from other priorities. The White House plans to push forward quickly, not just on immigration reform but gun control laws as well,” reports the Huffington Post.

“The timeframe is likely to be cheered by Democrats and immigration reform advocates alike, who have privately expressed fears that Obama’s second term will be drowned out in seemingly unending showdowns between parties.”

The outlet claims that it is “unclear what type of immigration policies the White House plans to push in January.”

No details on what sort of gun control legislation the White House will seek were offered in the article.

As Politico reported last month, a “Gang of Eight,” a conference of 8 senators from both parties, “has begun to meet to discuss immigration reform.” But it is not at all clear what progress this group has made and what immigration laws it might propose.

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3 Responses to Obama To Push Gun Control “Quickly”

  1. Uke says:

    There’s bipartisan support for Immigration Reform (and by bipartisan, I don’t mean in the way that most pols do: 180 of Party A’s support, but 2 of Party B). And why not? It’s a system hopelessly convoluted and bogged down by bureaucratic bullshit. The rub is in what you implement in your vision of IR. If one legitimately proposes something that facilitates/expedites the process for productive, non-criminal candidates, while at the same time makes it more difficult for the opposite to get in and stay in… well then hey, I bet you could get a lot of GOP to sign on, too.

    If, however, by IR you mean “virtually open borders and blanket amnesty”… then you don’t have a hope of getting much support from the right, do you?

    As for doing anything “quickly” on Gun Control, they’re dreaming. Gun rights are covered by a damn amendment to our constitution. Pretty sturdy stuff, that. The most he can do quickly is ticky-tacky things through executive order that won’t do anything to reduce crime, and won’t have much effect at all, arguably except for seriously annoying law-abiding citizens. In short, gradualism, long-term erosion.

    I believe the statements from the White House were mostly chest-puffing to satisfy their rabid base, lest they turn on their masters. There will be more kabuki theater to come, to be sure, but nothing like what Feinstein is proposing now.

    Still be vigilant, but don’t expect him to issue an executive order to confiscate all our guns.

  2. RJ says:

    Could be chest puffing, could be a new distraction from debt ceiling increase coming soon, could be just another push to see how hard the push back will be, could be another attempt to get some wacko to snap and take a shot. Could be they are so deluded that they really believe that millions of American gun owners are just gonna turn in or register their semi auto rifles, pistols and shotguns.

    Nothing surprises me with these leftist bastards any more.

    I’m leaning toward RD’s earlier posit you will receive a threatening letter to register or suffer federal felony charges. After a given time a high profile federal arrest and prosecution of someone who stood their ground and failed to register, followed by a brief amnasty to turn em in or register, then one by one, search warrants issued and served while you are away or summoned to a IRS meeting, weapons seized, fines levied

  3. Jim22 says:

    Ick. Another freekin’ halo pic.