Oh, by the way, your taxes are going up… a lot

Obama’s talking a good game about preventing middle class tax increases but that is only because he is pretending those deductions on your paycheck for Social Security and Medicare aren’t taxes. They are. They are going up and your next paycheck is going to shrink.

This will represent a tax increase on almost 100 percent of Americans (with the exception of a few of state- and local-government employees who are enrolled in a different retirement system). It will be a mean tax increase of $1,635. Eighty-one percent of the middle quintile of Americans will see their total tax bills rise. You will notice it in your next paycheck.

So, while Obama’s sycophants in the media and across America praise Obama for a job well done, the media will will be encouraged to blame someone else: the GOP. If the electorate can be convinced George Bush is to blame for Barack Obama’s failed first term they can be convinced of anything. No wonder Obama behaves as if he is invincible.

By the way, the hardcore left is pretty upset about the increase in Social Security withholding. It’s almost as if they don’t think Social Security is a good deal for workers, huh?

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