“Congressmen Confirm That Boehner Will Either Resign Speakership Or Be Forced Out”

CNS News:

I have confirmed with a group of Congressmen that House Speaker John Boehner will not be reelected Speaker tomorrow.

He will either resign or be forced out tomorrow. (Actually today. This was written yesterday.)

Only 17 members are needed to block Speaker Boehner’s election tomorrow. A Speaker needs an absolute majority of all votes cast for a specific person.

If no one has a majority, the House is speakerless. I’ve confirmed these rules with the House Parliamentarian.”

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14 Responses to “Congressmen Confirm That Boehner Will Either Resign Speakership Or Be Forced Out”

  1. James says:

    The question is “Why is he being kicked out?”
    Because he “caved?”

    I’m beginning to like Boehner. Boehner told Harry Reid to “go fuck himself.” I am concerned the debt ceiling may not be held.
    The house is on fire, and the firemen act as if they believe there are second chances.

  2. BigJimTX says:

    If boehner gets the boot, there better be a fiscal conservative like Paul Ryan that gets put in his place. I agree with warming to boehner, but he still has the stigma of crying associated with him which shows weakness. We need somebody who will FIGHT and fight hard.

  3. R.D. Walker says:

    The GOP is getting read to roll over on the debt ceiling. Everybody knows they will including Ryan. Nobody wants to preside over that ugliness. I predict Boehner stays in the speaker’s chair.

  4. Locke n Load says:

    We have to primary that weepy turd, end of story. I hope Ohio is gearing up to find challengers. Every last progressive RINO has to go, I don’t think I even care how.
    Time to burn the Republican house down for good, we can hardly do any worse. You guys may be warming to Boehner but I’m not. Not even slightly. He’ll get rolled every time. EVERY time. Perhaps the only good he’ll do is to forever destroy the once potent GOP allowing us to build something new.

  5. James says:

    Ryan voted for the compromise.
    Ryan is soft.
    Republicans must think there are infinite second chances.
    Every $1T the debt ceiling raises, that is the farther the US is abandoning the Republic.

  6. notamobster says:

    Time for the Liberty or Death party? I’m ready to throw in the towel on these asshats!

    • A Guy says:

      To be frank, I barely consider myself a Republican. Although, I will side with them >95% of the time over a Democrat.

      I staunchly believe in fiscal responsibility and our politicians (on both sides) are completely incapable of that.

      Also, a little off topic, but lobbying needs to be made a crime.

  7. A Guy says:

    Boner (Yes, that is how i pronounce his name) is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I don’t like the guy. Never have.

  8. sortahwitte says:

    In OK you cannot vote in primaries unless you are registered repub or dim. In the morning, I’m changing to independant.

    Like Daffy D. says: “too much is enough”.