Here’s Another ‘Why Didn’t I Think Of That?’

Armed Guards for Returning Sandy Hook Students

When children from Sandy Hook Elementary school return to class in neighboring Monroe, Conn. today, they’ll be entering “the safest school in America,” according to the Associated Press.

“Law enforcement officers have been guarding the new school, and by the reckoning of police, it is ‘the safest school in America,'” the AP reported Thursday.

“I think right now it has to be the safest school in America,” Monroe police Lt. Keith White was quoted as saying.

Having armed guards in schools is the National Rifle Association’s suggestion for keeping children safe from the kind of terror that happened last month in Newtown, Conn.”

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One Response to Here’s Another ‘Why Didn’t I Think Of That?’

  1. JDTaylor says:

    How about we just hire some of the unemployed vets returning from Iraq and Afghanistan to be “school guards” to protect our schools. They already have the “proper training” that the liberals keep harping about. On the other hand, I have suggested at our own school that parents (with CCW permits) volunteer to help out at our public schools. So far, it didn’t seem to fly well… go figure.

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