Rand Paul: “I’m not sure there ever was a bill”

The Democrats are getting bolder and bolder. Paul was one of five Senators to vote against the bill.

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2 Responses to Rand Paul: “I’m not sure there ever was a bill”

  1. James says:

    Rand Paul did the responsible action.
    He did not sign a bill he was not given time to read.

  2. messup says:

    The Fiscal Cliff Bill of 2013 was passed. Let’s call it for what it is “Tax and Spend.” Let’s examine what’s in this Bill and why did Congress take so long to pass it?
    “Crony-Capitalism” is the name of Congress’s game. That’s why Mr. Boehner kicked two tea party Reps off his committee.
    Total estimated (by Joint Tax Committee) dollar amount of corporate handouts = $40 billion (this could double over the years)
    75 special interest “tax breaks” reviewed by Max Baucus, he was defeated in August of 2013. All were included in this Fiscal Cliff.
    1.Debbie Stabenow D-MI, $78 million for race track owners (NASCAR tracks)
    2.Jeff Bingaman –New Mexico, $62 million for companies in American Samoa(StarKist factory especially)
    3.$222 million Rum Tax rebate (accelerated depreciation),why??? Include ALL Moonshiners, too!!!!Damn!!!
    4.$222 million for businesses operating on Indian Reservations(casinos???)
    5.Tax breaks for railroads (why???)
    6.New York Liberty Bonds (what’s this all about) and so much more
    7.Chris Dodd – two year extension for any Hollywood TV and Film producer expensing first $15 million in production costs in only the USA. This increases to $20 million if produced in “economically depressed” areas. All these jobs are UNION jobs.
    Estimated TOTAL costs to taxpayers = $248 million over 10 years(expires in 2013). Will be re-negotiated for a total cost of more than $430 million. Bundlers for Obama!!!
    Green Energy Give-aways
    Wind production tax credits (cost = $12 billion)
    A.General Electric (“never paid a tax we didn’t like”)
    B.Siemens(new kid on the block)
    Cellulose bio-fuels
    A.Algae-based fuels ($59 million)
    B.Renewable diesel ($dollar/gal tax credit = $2.2 billion) Why?? South Dakota is going gangbusters! Nobody wants this crap!!!
    Consumers buying “plug-in motorcycles”
    A.$7 million (think about this> Now imagine riding one of these)
    Energy Efficient Appliances
    A.$650 million, takes more water, cycles to get clothes clean…defrost coolers, etc.
    Builders of Energy Efficient Homes
    A.$150 million (for what?)
    Whirlpool Appliances
    A.Has not paid any taxes in last two or more years and will not in the foreseeable future. (boycott these sucker parasites, why doesn’t a consumer get rebates and lower prices on these purchases???HUH???)
    Note: from Joint Tax Committee: these are current estimates. These “tax credits” will multiply over the next four or more years.
    Once again”crony-capitalism!!!” Yep! Four More Years, yeaaah. Pray. Amen. There’s going to be Fiscal Cliff #2 vote in February.