Let’s Have A Discussion

Below is a short video entitled ‘Why You Need A Gun’. Whoever posted it seems to think that the crazy guy should have been stopped by a citizen with a gun. Do you think so? Many of the You Tube commenters do.

I did not see him threaten anyone with physical violence. He took out his rage on someone’s car. I don’t know about Nevada law but where I live you would not have been justified in shooting him.

The video was filmed in downtown Las Vegas, too. That area is usually full of people. It would be completely irresponsible to shoot in a situation like that. If you hit a bystander your actions would not be heroic. They would be felonious.

This guy looks like he has been getting away with this kind of violence because he has not attacked an individual. Also, the cameraman gave him a stage to act out on. If there had been no camera recording his rampage it wouldn’t have started.

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8 Responses to Let’s Have A Discussion

  1. SemperFi says:

    I remember this video when it first came out. At that time and to this day, if I was the owner of that car who was being threatened with a deadly weapon I would have had no problem stepping out of the car, drawing my weapon, demanding he stop and get on the ground, and if he made a move toward me I would have put two rounds in his chest and one in his head. Your comment about he only attacked the car is inaccurate. There was a person driving that car thus that person has the right, nay, the obligation to defend themselves as they deem necessary.
    Many may argue that, as you saw, the car was able to drive away. That is the same theory that California had where if you could leave your residence by the back door while the robber was coming in the front door, you had no defense if you stood your ground and prevented the intruder from accomplishing his task. My right to self defense never stops.

    • notamobster says:

      I agree. My right to live exists without regard to any law, action, or contrivance of man. I would calmly direct the subject to get on the ground. Any action taken hence, in furtherance of his threat to my person would be met with deadly force.

  2. Tony says:

    This man is out of control. My decision is not based on the damage he is doing to the car. It is impossible to determine his intentions. He is clubbing the vehicle windows. Any slip of his hand and the club he is using could have come through a window and killed anyone occupying the vehicle. The driver is trying to flee to escape but his path is blocked. Where it me, at the point the vehicle path was blocked with this man behind the car, I would have backed over him. If he avoided that tactic and approached the vehicle again I would have used all possible means to stop him from endangering me and my passengers up to and including shooting him. He is endangering the occupants of the vehicle with a club and flying glass. This is a no debate situation for me.

  3. Ray Davies says:

    My bet is that the occupants of the car were unarmed. There are two schools of thought, get out of the car and face the threat ,yes/no. Shoot from inside the car,from a protected position,yes/no. Get out you have the possibility he will follow commands, stay inside you have obstructed view and sight picture. There is the possibility of a miss.
    One last thing,how many people,can/will shoot when escape is an option? Even with a legit kill,you have to live with the results,both legal and with yourself. It takes a long time to get the last one resolved.

  4. Uke says:

    I can’t watch the video ATM, but I will say that you are justified in defending yourself not only from threats against yourself, but also your property.

    If someone is trying to destroy my car, I’ll subdue him just as well as if he were trying to destroy me.

  5. notamobster says:

    Okay, I just watched the video. {{{visions of breaking necks}}}

    Having now seen the video, I can say with a certainty that I wouldn’t shoot the individual. I would have run him over, because it’d be funner and most likely wouldn’t kill him, but it’d definitely cause him to have a bad day.

    If running him over didn’t work, I would calmly step out of the vehicle and allow his sorry ass to get closer. I would then, calmly (I’m trying hard to be a good Christian here)… calmly, break his face into several pieces with nothing but my hands.

    If anyone here doubts my words as mere internet bravado, I would just reply that:

    A) I don’t care.
    B) I’ve done it. More than once.
    C) I no longer have anything to prove to anyone, but… I would do it just to teach this fool a lesson he will NEVER forget.

  6. Rockheim says:

    Interesting video. However the question is even more interesting.
    Having watched the video we now have the luxury of Hindsight. We know this was a thug being fueled by his own bravado before a camera. We can rightfully assume that this was show for that camera. We can also assume that this isn’t the first, nor last, nor even most extreme, bit of violence perpetrated by this individual.

    The People in that care knew none of this at the time.

    Going by my personal life it would have been myself and my family in that car. He arrives and starts his “show”. The ONLY concern I have is for the life and protection of my family and I will secure that in any way.
    In that situation I would not have exited the car. With him running around the car, randomly, with a weapon, there is no way I could see getting out of my seatbelt, getting the door open and getting out and be ready to defend myself and my family before he could get to me with his weapon. And should I go down there is no one left to defend my family.
    That being said I use what I have. The car. I would force my way out of that situation. I saw at least 3 avenues of escape for those people but they involved further damage to the car and mounting the sidewalk. If I couldn’t get clear, I would crush the fucker under the car.. repeatedly.. until I could get clear with my family.. or until the threat ceased. And then I would still get clear and call the authorities to report and meet with them later.
    The “tactical” problems with the situation as seen as the driver of the car. You have no idea what the intents of the attacker are.. So you MUST assume the worst. You have no idea if he’s acting alone. So you MUST assume he isn’t. Deploying a gun in the car is the absolute last resort. This isn’t hollywood. You stick that gun in front of your wife to fire out of her window or toward the backseat and you’ve now seriously wounded your passengers. Not just hearing damage but flash burns and possible blindness. Not to mention issues with aim that may arise due to flailing, screaming passengers. Or the fact that it would be impossible to be sure of your target or what’s behind it. You have cars with other innocents on 3 sides and a public sidewalk on the last. This is no place for a gun. So escape with the car or incapacitate him with it..
    If you incapacitate him and get out you now face the possibility of other assailants. Or the fact that he may have a gun as well and has now pulled it.
    Too many unknowns. Too much exposure. Get out of dodge. That’s the only real option.
    In my case, in our family car it’s easier to accomplish. We don’t have an asthmatic PT cruiser. The Expedition will do nicely to force other cars out of the way, will mount the sidewalk, cross almost any median not a concrete barrier and get us away.

    Watching that video though shows us something else. Our conditioning toward lawful obedience. While the person in the car was trying to escape I was struck by a number of things. All he did was lay on the horn. He didn’t push, bump or otherwise make contact with any of the vehicles around him nor did he try for the sidewalk. The law says we don’t do that. We, as lawful citizens don’t consider it. The driver even waited at the corner.. stopping for the light before turning right.. And when the assailaint was in front of the car and behind it.. the driver stopped to avoid hitting him.

    Now. At the end of this and as it shook out, looking back at everything as we KNOW it happened and as liberals would point out and use this video as proof against self protection..
    Killing this person was not necessary.
    Running him down wasn’t necessary.
    Smashing your way through traffic to escape wasn’t necessary. However.. at the time.. there is absolutley NO way to know that.
    The person who kicks in the door to your house may be a career robber and theif who never assaulted anyone.
    However.. at the time.. there is absolutley NO way to know that.
    And in light of that simple fact.. You meet any serious threat to your safety and the safety of your loved one with overwhelming, tac nuke level force to secure their safety.
    You can twiddle your fingers later over the what ifs. But the largest what if overrides them all. What if you DIDN’T act? And couple that with the secondary.. What if said naer-do-well had never put THEMSELVES in the position to be killed.
    I would lose exactly 2 seconds of sleep over that then never think on it again.

  7. CaptainAmericaRules says:

    How do you not see this man as threatening violence, he is armed, he is causing damage to personal property, he is acting irrationally, and quite frankly seems to be suffering from some sort of mental illness.

    If witnessed by law enforcement, I assume the would properly arm themselves prior to approaching and apply necessary force to get compliance out of this individual.