Everybody is Middle Class, Nobody is Middle Class

Elizabeth Warren can’t define the middle class and, therefore, pretty much says everyone is middle class. Or no one is. It isn’t clear.

Of course she is confusing “middle class” as a mindset and “middle class” as an economic grouping. There is a middle class mindset that includes bourgeois attitudes, work ethic, social anxiety, a preference for the suburbs etc. As the interviewer tries to explain, however, tax policy is not built around the social consciousness of individual citizens. She is specifically asking about middle class income as it would be defined by Warren as a policy maker.

When government talks about middle class tax cuts, they are talking about income categories, not whether or not the tax payer likes Starbucks, Columbia outerwear, tastefully decorated ranch homes, farmer’s markets and kids soccer games. “Middle class tax cuts” are not directed at those with middle American bourgeois values, they are directed at specific income categories.

It seems evident that Warren has just enough education to be dangerous. She knows “middle class” sometimes means something other than income level but she is too dim to know that it is simply a matter of vernacular. Middle class as defined by social attitudes and middle class as defined by income are tangentially related but are not one and the same. She clearly doesn’t understand this and therefore, was confused by what should have been a very simple question.

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6 Responses to Everybody is Middle Class, Nobody is Middle Class

  1. PhoneGuy says:

    What you need to understand is that Warren is the perfect example of the “empty suit”. Throughout the campaign she stumbled over her words, spoke angrily when questioned and talked down to people prompting Scott Brown’s famous debate retort of “I’m not one of your students, professor”. Today, however, everyone “remembers” her as well spoken, intelligent, warm, and some kind of statesman…eh, statesperson. This is because Warren was selected by Obama (and his proxy Deval Patrick) to be the next senator from Massachusetts and both master campaigners ensured her victory and voter amnesia.

    Although several current US Reps announced their intent to run against Scott Brown and were much more qualified to do so, each one suddenly dropped out of the race to defer to Elizabeth Warren who appeared out of nowhere as a political “front runner”.

    When a democratic rival appeared to be gathering enough support and signatures to force a democratic primary against Warren, Deval Patrick – who had annouced that he had no intention to attend the state convention – suddenly made a point to attend the Mass Democratic Convention, spoke against this rising candidate and subsequently squashed the idea of a primary.

    When Democrat Tom Menino – Boston’s Mayor and Scott Brown’s friend – had announced (because of his personal friendship with Brown) that he would not publicly support a rival to Brown, he was “forced” to support Warren although he did so with a quick press conference and no campaign appearances.

    I am, by no means, a great supporter of Scott Brown and his left-of-center ideas and voting record but this Warren campaign stinks to high heaven of collusion, back-room deals and political pressure originating from the White House. Reminded me of how an inexperienced state rep who was beaten handily in his first run for national office suddenly within a year was elected President.

    • pateriot says:

      Who is in the middle class depends on who she says that she is going to screw and who she actually is going to screw.

  2. notamobster says:

    She’s a dolt who’s gonna vote the liberal line, which means she’ll be your Senator for the next 40 yrs!

  3. rj says:

    Pow Wow Warren say….waaaacist

    actually I agree with Nota, gonna vote lib till forever….

  4. Dan says:

    Everyone is middle class
    Everyone is a native american too