Gun Shows and Mass Murders


I bet the vast majority aren’t even cops with “proper training”! The horror. There must be people accidentally shooting themselves in the feet or faces all the time at those things!

Note: All credit for finding the pic belongs to fellow Revoista, Lai.

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4 Responses to Gun Shows and Mass Murders

  1. Uke says:



  2. Notamobster says:

    Banning guns will stop gun crime? Really, tell me how no one uses drugs anymore…

  3. xenicalman says:

    A good friend of mine lives in a county in XXXXX that has a great gun buy back program. He also goes to other locations where they have similar programs.
    He goes to gun shows and surfs ads for guns. He only buys pieces of junk, rusted crap that can’t shoot and gun pieces.
    He cashes the junk in. He’s happy because he has made a couple of thou in which he has enriched his arsenal and the program sponsors are happy that killer guns are off the street.
    He’s only been banned from one site.

    Too bad i’m homebound. There’s a sweet AK I’d like to get.