On Allegorical Buttons…

On another site, a poster was cherry picking Old Testament stuff and pretty viciously poking fun at it. It doesn’t matter what he chose. The Old Testament is full of stuff like talking snakes, a global flood and a dude being swallowed by a whale and surviving days in its belly. If you want to ridicule people of faith, it isn’t difficult to find a few things in the Old Testament on which to base your attacks.

I decided to respond.

Did you notice that button on the below this comment?


It says “Post Followup”. Here is a little secret for you. It isn’t a real button.

No, seriously. It isn’t real. It is just, I dunno, an allegorical button. As buttons go, it is imaginary.

The thing is, that imaginary illusion of a button lets you access the World Wide Web, convert your smart ass response to binary code of thousands of coded ones and zeros that you don’t understand and send your comment shooting around the world at light speed in electrons, pulses of dense wave, color and frequency divided multiplexed light and microwave signals shooting though the ether from server to server, router to router, processor to processor.

Hell, your message came to me via a satellite in geosynchronous orbit more than 23,000 miles above the earth’s surface. You spoke to me from frickin’ outer space with that, um, pretend button.

You accessed people around the globe with an allegorical button that isn’t really a button at all. It is just a little illusion that gives you power that billions of humans throughout human history couldn’t even fathom. It is a pretend button that is access to a whole world otherwise beyond your cognizance and comprehension.

The code writer put that pretend button there because you don’t know dick about how to send your comment around the world without a GUI interface.

Maybe you should hack on that button and the stupidity of it being there all button-looking and such. I mean, you are way too smart to use a silly pretend button to access the cosmos, right? Using allegory for greater access is just for superstitious savages, right?

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7 Responses to On Allegorical Buttons…

  1. Woodface says:

    Brilliant. I salute you, sir.

    I even logged in just to do so.

  2. DocO says:

    RD, how do you find the time to post such eloquent rebuttals? It would take me half a day to write something so insightful and fact filled.

    • BarbaCat says:

      Heck! I’m saving the info of how it all works, just so I can hope to explain a little crumb of info.

      R.D. is brilliant, indeed!

  3. fubar says:

    THIS is why I started coming to the Revo.


  4. Matt says:

    You’ve got a gift!

  5. RJ says:

    Outstanding, just please don’t point it at me…. πŸ˜‰