I Watched “Zeitgeist: Moving Forward”

Before anyone gets the chance to ask me “Why would you subject yourself to 3 hours of that mind-numbing crap?” I would just like to point out the level of suffering I go through, so that you can be spared. Consider it my contribution to humanity.

The flyover view:

This movie is 3 hours of utopian drivel. Torn from the Occupy handbook, this movie is 100% Marxian, eco-maniacal™ , mental masturbation. The intellectual equivalent of which, can only be found in small repositories, strategically located in the basements of middle-class Mothers of post-collegiate man-children everywhere.

The author begins with broad assumptions, finds a half-dozen people who agree with his assumptions, then says the word science and conflates capitalism with corporatism. He insults faith completely ignores human nature. I’m sorry, he doesn’t ignore human nature, he says that it doesn’t exist.

He explains to the observer that no one is responsible for any of their actions, except those evil bankers, because everyone is the product of the evil banking system in which we all slave & toil to buy more utterly useless crap.

I agree with much of what the author points to as societal ill, but his causality has somehow slipped the chain-of-custody from imagination to reality. He points to a global utopian society where everyone lives free of worry in self-sustaining cities that are self-perpetuating. There is no mention of folks like me who would rather freeze or stave to death than live in his cookie-cutter utopia, but then the vision of the future for liberals usually doesn’t include folks likes us, anyway.

Yep. If we could just get rid of market-based economics, we would magically find ourselves in a world free of disease, violence, crime, and all manner of suffering. A world abundant in unicorns and cotton candy for all. All absolutely free! No longer would there be any desire of one human to exert control over another.

In this world there would be one global (centralized) supply & distribution network, working in an egalitarian fashion to meet the needs of all humans. Never mind that such a system could easily refuse resources to anyone who refuses to comply.

What this fool has recommended is a replacement for the corrupt corporatist system we currently find ourselves in. A system where the benevolent and all-pervasive state will meet your needs from cradle to grave. A system where products ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING is created in a centrally planned, centrally coordinated fashion and distributed by the all-powerful distribution network so you can live a worry-free existence, riding your unicorn or sun-bathing with hobbits.

Mark my words, this is the type of system which will be proposed (to a lesser extent) when the global financial system collapses and capitalism is blamed. I would also venture that islamic economics will be the model. If you find yourself wanting to destroy 3 hours of your life, while elevating your blood pressure, and fighting the urge to scream at your TV, watch this film.

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