Kelly challenges professor who wants to abandon the Constitution

Remember the Constitutional law professor who called the Constitution “evil” and said it should be abandoned? Megyn Kelly had him on her show. Interesting.

My thought is that there is no point in bothering to abandon the Constitution if we aren’t going to follow its instructions anyway.

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5 Responses to Kelly challenges professor who wants to abandon the Constitution

  1. RJ says:

    Megyn Kelly… ummm… a looker and smart

    As to the law professer from Georgetown U, yea asshole it is hard to change the constitution, fucksticks like you are the reason why.

    Libs lament the protections provided by the constitution because they cannot get totally around the protections provided by the constitution at their whim.

    If you want to live in a society ruled by a king/dictator move to Cuba, Venzuela, Saudi Arabia or several other shit holes where rule of man is above rule of law.

  2. Jim22 says:

    He got what he wanted. He got on TV to plug his book without paying a dime for the coverage. It’s really rather easy to do. All you have to do is propose something stupid like throwing out the Constitution, write a book about it, and the media pays attention.

  3. messup says:

    In a related story, this is America’s educational system on full display for all the world to see…then We The People wonder why America is placed 25th in the world as regards educational prowess.
    “A 19-year-old socialist became an official member of the Red Bank Regional High School Board of Education in Monmouth County, N.J., last week.
    Pat Noble defeated incumbent Nilsa Samol in the November 2012 election. He is a graduate of The Academy of Allied Health & Science, a vocational high school that emphasizes health occupations and the hard sciences.
    Noble divides the bulk of his time working at his job as a clerk in a local pharmacy and promoting the Socialist Party of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, which he co-founded, reports He opines enthusiastically about a host of issues ranging from taxation to foreign policy to education.”(DailyCaller1/8/2013)
    Finally, a Marxian/socialist with the “intestinal fortitude” willing to say exactly what We The People have known all along and have been railing against since FDR in the 1920’s and 30’s,i.e., Central Planning, collapse of America’s economy (he issued 3,466 Executive Orders), greed, power and ultimately corruption on a massive scale (Morgan, Rockerfeller, Rothchilds, et al)…geez, today’s crony-capitalism. Funny, history has this nasty habit of repeating itself.

    Ever since Ottoman Empire’s collapse (remember, Central Planning)and Eastern and Western European political fortunes uniting under a “more equity for the working man” banner (bourgouise and proletariat fight) giving rise to Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky and Mao The Western World has been held hostage to this tried and failed existential philosophy of taking from the “working class and redistributing it to the upper class” (We The People know this isn’t what Marx said, but is in actuality what really happens)…look at Argentina in 2012, Japan the last 20 years, Greece, Portugal, Spain, France, England, Ireland all products of this young mans Cloward-Piven/Marxian/Alinskyite folly. China is following this model with 5 and 10 year Central Plans (now tell me there’s no “greed, power and corruption in China!!!”).

    Now, Obama is trying the same futile central planning. Brazil just went thru this maze of “crawling peg” phenomena with a totally disasterous result in 1988, collapse of its economy and a new constitution (darn if they’re not repeating this mantra all over again in 2013, under communist Dilma). Obama is printing money, monetizing USA’s debt and implementing “crony-capitalism” just like this young man is advocating…with the same outcome in sight…collapse of America’s economy. It is Central Planning’s built-in disaster(collapse, time-and-time again). Only one true measure of any economy in the world is”price of goods bought and sold at the individual level…period.” Ludwig Von Mises Nobel winning thesis…the “Business Cycle” and unfettered capitalism.

    America’s religious, educational, financial and governing sectors of its economy are staffed and led by Fabian Socialists who belive in every single word and futile philosophy uttered and spewed by the likes of this young american ever since the founding of the ACLU and their progressive activists in the late 1900’s. Wake-up America…failure (greed, power and corruption)is on its way…Big Time. Pray. Amen.

  4. notamobster says:

    She is an amazing woman.

    Extremely intelligent. Conservative. Beautiful. She took the fight to him in a way that made him feel like she was helping him. Amazing.

  5. serfer62 says:

    The history of the Constitution’s developement and the reasons they did it alone speak for its consistency.
    The prof got it right about the Supremes but not because the Supremes invented rights, but rather they ignored the Constitution which argues against the prof.