Examiner: “Americans aren’t buying ‘assault weapons’ just to have something to register”


From The Examiner:

Saying that the legislation would “merely mean registration” somewhat implies that registration does not lead to confiscation–that ease of confiscation is not, indeed, pretty much the point of registration. That notion is probably a tough sell for anyone who has followed the history of gun politics, both in the U.S. and abroad. Feinstein’s home state, in fact, received “extra credit” in the Brady Campaign’s ranking of states for anti-gun tyranny, specifically for using the gun registry for the purpose of wholesale confiscations.

People don’t buy expensive (especially expensive now) gear just to have something to turn over to Feinstein when she finally gets to say, “Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in.” The kind of American most likely to want AR-15s tends also to be the type least eager to register them with the government–particularly not a government agency as historically hostile to private gun ownership as is the BATFE (our “most hated federal agency,” before “Project Gunwalker”).

In other words, Feinstein proposes to make millions of new “gun criminals” out of decent Americans. So be it. How does she intend to arrest us, and whom does she propose do the arresting?”

An interesting side note from the article: “Daniel Defense (known mostly for high-quality AR-15 parts), who had prepared for this, and is still serving the buying public–without a price hike.”

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2 Responses to Examiner: “Americans aren’t buying ‘assault weapons’ just to have something to register”

  1. Greg B says:

    Rock River is another company that isn’t jacking up costs.
    Except maybe on mags.
    Although their lead times are stratospheric right now.
    Ruger’s prices on their AR platform seems to be the same also, although their prices are high already.