Survival Tips: Finding A Firing Solution

Anyone who has ever spent any time training as a Sniper, Designated Marksman, Competition Shooter, or just a long range shooter can tell you that finding a firing solution with a slide rule (Mil-Dot Master) is a pain-in-the butt, not to mention, you have to take your eyes off your scope and thus, your target.

I believe I have just been introduced to a better way of doing things, in a medium range sniping situation. To wit: I present Victor Aguilar’s Sniper Flash Cards. Instructions can be found HERE. What these cards provide is the ability to quickly (mentally) “dope” your shot, for those who don’t have years of practice at the range or in the field.

I am intimately familiar with the performance characteristics of my chosen medium range shooting platform (Rem 700 ADL w/ 3-12x40mm Cabela’s GuidePro scope w/bullet drop compensator, chambered n 30-06). I shoot 180 grain bonded-core rounds.

I plan to purchase these flash cards as soon as I’m gainfully employed. These cards help the shooter to memorize holdover & windage to quickly estimate (dope) their shot (with a mil-dot scope), using standard sizes one would find in a typical American battlefield, should the need ever arise.

These cards basically provide a newer shooter with the information they would acquire from years of shooting experience. It’s no substitute for training, mind you, but if a war broke out 6 months from now, it sure would come in handy to know how to adjust your shots.

For those who may be looking for a replacement to the cumbersome slide rule without the (minor) round-off error, which is calculated specifically to their deer rifle or other platform (mine is zeroed at 300 yards, which is typical for a designated marksman) Mr Aguilar offers The Mil-Dot One Step. You should check the site out, Mr. Aguilar is very funny & helpful:

 However, police snipers can get on the roofs of buildings because they control the airspace overhead and, since they are not going to be pursued, they can fire almost straight down at targets on the street in front of them. A city block is about 176 yards (a tenth of a mile) and, from the roof of a ten-story building, this is a 15° angle. So, should police snipers buy a Mildot Master for this reason? No. 15° angles have about as much effect on one’s shot as solar flares[…]

Anyway, getting on top of a skyscraper and shooting people in the square in front of the building is the sort of thing that the Yemeni or Syrian government does. My company supports military snipers, mostly U.S., Ukrainian and others that fear the Red Army, who estimate range by measuring armored vehicles like the BTR-80 and who stay near the ground so they can run from the vehicle’s return fire, or hide in basements below the vehicle’s -6° angle of depression. Note. I hesitate to even have a Mil-Dot One-Step for police snipers because shooting at such steep downward angles is so closely associated with the killing of unarmed dissidents in the public’s mind that conjuring up a “bank robber” or some similar villain to justify one’s focus on shooting downwards is a bit far-fetched. Since the Shilka can elevate its four autocannons to 85°, such snipers are obviously not fighting a real army (one with vehicles) but just shooting demonstrators.

The Mildot Master provides information on shooting downwards at angles as low as -60° and I am happy to let them have this market – thugs and murderers.

As an added bonus, here’s a tip:

For the more tech-savvy shooters out there (RD), Android has an app:

Now Available as an Android Application!

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4 Responses to Survival Tips: Finding A Firing Solution

  1. Rockheim says:

    I really need to brush up on my rifle skills. I’ve never really done more than 200/300y through iron sights on my grandfathers old Savage or our scoutmasters garande..
    Well… First I need to get my stupid bonus and then try to find the rifle I want since “Ah.. It can wait ’til next season” has bitten me in the ass.. //facepalm

    • notamobster says:

      The flash cards would work wonderfully for you, Rock. It takes out the pain of ranging and lets you make quick calculations in your head. As for getting the right rifle, etc – I would recommend a good multi-purpose “modern sport rifle”. It gives you all the range you need, good power, capacity, etc…

      Anything outside of a few hundred yards shouldn’t be a concern for anyone who doesn’t have experience shooting long range. If a war ever broke out here (suppose Canada were to invade), I’d be going on some solo sniper missions so this type of thing (especially the Android app) would come in quite handy.

  2. Rockheim says:

    I was looking at AR’s.. Just seems to be too much variability.. Not to mention the fact that you simply can’t find them right now. At least not until things cool off.
    I did get word from our local shop that they can get me that Ruger Gunsite Scout .308 I was looking at before. I may just start there for the time being. 🙂

  3. BigJimTX says:

    For those that have not learned how to properly use a mil-dot scope, I offer you the following website that I found very informative.

    Unfortunately my assault rock has German crosshairs