Mills Fleet Farm Standing Tall For The 2nd Amendment!

We need more businesses to stand for the rights of all Americans!!!

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4 Responses to Mills Fleet Farm Standing Tall For The 2nd Amendment!

  1. Jim22 says:

    Very well done. The video needs wider distribution.

  2. Tatersalad says:

    Barack Obama gives himself 10 to Life and here is how:
    1). Barack Obama prepares to become “Dictator for Life” with the signing of one document while everyone debates about guns and debt. Does he know something that we do not know? Is Obama planning a “power grab”? Why would he need this protection “for life”?


  3. Jo Ann Steward says:

    I have e mailed this to all on my contact list and posted on my Face book also well done i stand right be side this
    Jo Ann Steward
    From California(the land of nuts and fruits)

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