We Must Learn From This

This is taking place in Mexico where it is illegal for citizens to own guns or ammunition. These men are reacting to two things. First the drug cartels have made their families unsafe. Second their government is doing nothing about it.

These men are the militia that our founding fathers wrote about in the second amendment. They are risking everything to make their homes safer. The penalties for owning a gun or ammunition in Mexico are very severe. They are chancing that.

Note also that the ban on firearms in their country has not eliminated guns. People throughout the country maintain the guns they need. They just don’t talk about it much. The government has been unable to disarm the population.

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5 Responses to We Must Learn From This

  1. notamobster says:

    That’s awesome! Instead of “someone should do something”, THEY are doing something. They are the militia and they are taking care of business, where their gov’t has failed miserably. They’re right that gov’t involvement would just mess things up. The gov’t would demand schedules, shifts, structured layout of checkpoints, overwatch, 17 layers of reduncancy, and congressional oversight.

  2. Snidley says:

    Of course they haven’t eliminated the weapons. It is kind of tough when you have a border over 1000 miles long with a neighbor bent on smuggling weapons to the drug cartels. You don’t think that helped a lot, do you?

    By the way, when speaking of governments who don’t do anything, what about ours?