Here Is A Discussion Of The Ways The Opposition Is Using Language

It’s very well reasoned and well presented.

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2 Responses to Here Is A Discussion Of The Ways The Opposition Is Using Language

  1. James says:

    The solution is not to use the Left’s liberal lexicon.
    When words and meaning are corrupted, it becomes impossible to describe and therefore understand and analyze a problem. If language lacks the ability to discriminate, then the problem can’t even be identified, let alone solved, or better yet endured. The outcome of incorrect action will create a worse situation than inaction.
    But of course, the liberal lexicon is biased to corral action into changing society into tyranny with them as rulers.

    It must be understood that there’s an ever present element of mankind who would rob and murder their fellow man for their own ends. These demagogues use democracy and the ignorant masses as their means. It’s happening now.

  2. RJ says:

    Yup words meanings changed to promote an agenda. Lots of gun rights limitations (gun control) promoted under the aupices of gun safety, child safety, crime reduction etc…. This guy does a good job of explaining it.

    Lets face it no politician would be elected anywhere except CA and NY if they loudly stated I will work every day to seize every gun you own.