They are discriminating against her because she is incompetent

Teacher claims she is being discriminated against because she has a fear of children. No, seriously.

A longtime French and Spanish high school teacher is suing the Mariemont school district, alleging it discriminated against her because she has a disability – she has a phobia of young children.

Maria C. Waltherr-Willard, 61, of Greenhills says the district in which she worked for 35 years discriminated against her when it reassigned her in 2010 from its high school to its junior high and then pressured her to resign.

The suit claims the discrimination is based on her age and her disability, a rare phobia called pedophobia, which in this context means an extreme fear or anxiety around young children.

You know, I am being discriminated against by the NBA due to my inability to play basketball. I should sue.

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2 Responses to They are discriminating against her because she is incompetent

  1. Lane Altenbaumer says:

    Pick the NFL………….they have more money.

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