Hollywood: Pay Attention!

Rob Lowe has something to explain to you.

PIERS MORGAN, HOST: As a gun owner, you would have no problem if President Obama said, “I really want to push for these assault rifles in particular to be taken out of circulation.”

ROB LOWE: Look, I wouldn’t because, I mean, I, look, I like guns, and I don’t want to own an assault rifle. I wouldn’t know what to do with one, I wouldn’t know why I’d want one. I also see that if you’re a law-abiding person, and you bought it under the law, having it taken from you, I could see why people would have a problem with that. But if they don’t do that, as you point out, it’s not really a ban, is it?


LOWE: And I’m no social anthropologist, but I do think that the last thing viewers want is another Hollywood actor telling them anything about guns pro or con.

Lowe is correct. I would add that we are also not interested in being lectured on guns by some foppish, effete creep from Britain.

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One Response to Hollywood: Pay Attention!

  1. James says:

    I’ve met several Brits in the past few years, and I don’t like them.
    Invariably, they are socialist and crazy. They’re a lot like Californians. Brits don’t like living in the socialist mess they created in their own country, so they import their crap into ours.

    We kicked these guys out 237 years, ago for a reason.