Refusing To Be A Victim: 2nd Amendment (+2)


We join the show, already in progress. The robbers enter the building and begin to terrorize their victims. Wait, wait a minute, we have armed citizens standing to fight. Oh my, they’re refusing to be victimized. They’ve gotten the robber’s attention and they’re firing! They’ve neutralized the threat. It’s 2nd Amendment for the win!

Two robbery suspects have been shot dead in two separate incidents in South Florida.

Late Monday night, a robbery at a Hollywood Exxon station led to the shooting of one of two suspects by a store clerk, according to police. A second suspect was caught a short time later.

Hollywood investigators remain on the scene of the attempted robbery and shooting on State Road 7 near the Hard Rock casino on Southwest 52nd Street.

In Northeast Miami-Dade, police are on the scene of an attempted robbery Tuesday morning in which a suspect was reportedly shot by a resident. The area of the shooting is Northeast 209th Terrace and Eighth Avenue.

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  1. Jim22 says:

    That’s a nice picture. I don’t get the navel art, though.