Obamaphone Lady: Obama is a liar

“Obama, you punk!”

Now she knows. Too damned late, isn’t it?

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One Response to Obamaphone Lady: Obama is a liar

  1. phillip sims says:

    1st thing ” scum of the earth” Adolph hitler did was to disarm the people. We all know how it went from there. Thank GOD for the armed american. We can sit here and see what happens or we can stand up for our freedom and make things happen. The government orks for us we don’t work for them. When we don’t satisfy our employer they take action. When the governoment don’t satisfy the people ” WE THE PEOPLE” we also must take action. Its been said that it would
    take a fool to invade the mainlands of the USA because behind every blade of grass is a rifle. Don’t let no one take that from us and be left defenseless like a mouse in a snake pit. We are not as free now as our founding fathers intended for us to be and “WE THE PEOPLE” has allowed it. Pray daily for salvation and please as an true American stick to your guns.