Let there be Light

If you haven’t noticed, the world is being turned upside-down right now. It’s not happening as a natural occurrence and I’m not the one doing the turning either. All I can do is try to roll with it and stay on top.

In order to see a subject clearly it must be illuminated properly. From time to time that source of illumination can be improperly handled in such a way as to produce glare. Glare is a condition that exists when light enters the eye from a low angle. When light is properly directed it illuminates the subject evenly while eliminating shadows from angles that minimize the effects of glare. In order for us to examine any subject here on the Real Revo it must likewise be properly illuminated.

Before I continue I must point out that The Real Revo was never intended to be a website dedicated to the subject of Religion. The Real Revo was founded by Soldiers dedicated to the fight against Communism. This Website seeks to preserve the History of one of the very small Battles in the great Cold War, as well as preserve the Lessons that History has taught us. Inside the History that leads up to that battle is a story that repeats itself over and over again throughout the Cold War. Inside that never ending story are accounts of individual participants who at some point were given a choice between doing Good, or Evil. Some of those choices were made in a deliberate fashion over the course of time and others were made in an instant. All had to be made from some frame of reference that would be used to help inform the individual and group decisions of the participants as to the difference between good and evil, right from wrong, justice from injustice and in many cases Life or Death.

Documents that were captured on the Battlefield in 1983 can be found and reviewed HERE

Photos that were salvaged from undeveloped film found discarded on the Battlefield can be viewed HERE !!!

Many of the participants were Atheists. They were Atheists with guns. They didn’t believe in God but they believed in Power. To harness that Power they had to draw a distinction between what they believed to be right from what they believed to be wrong and sell that vision to others. In order to sell their vision they made use of various elements of Truth that would be self-evident among those from who they would draw their power. Then they exercised that power to enforce their vision of morality to its greatest extent that in each case would morph into a beast that would answer only to itself. In the end there were a bunch of dead bodies in the streets and a bunch of people pointing their fingers at each other, acting as if it is a mystery as to where all the Death and Destruction came from.

Somewhere along the line someone and so many made choices between Good and Evil. When Atheists try to make that choice they always choose badly. They always choose badly because they delude themselves when they say that there is no God, but there is such a thing as Good and Evil. They say there is no God, but they claim to know the difference between Right and Wrong. They are typically so convinced of the correctness of their thinking that they are willing to typically answer only to themselves when they enforce their Godlessness on others by whatever means. Fidel Castro is famously quoted as saying “History will absolve me”. He says that because he knows that History is subjective. It is recorded by humans. If he believed in God he would know that he will be judged according to a different scale.

The same can be said of Pol Pot, Adolph Hitler, Josef Stalin, V.I. Lenin, Mao Tse Tung, Kim Ill Sung, Kim Jong Ill and a host of assorted Communists who have forced their vision of morality on others at gunpoint. The question these self-important atheists all fail to address is why they believe any code of morality exists at all. Morality acknowledges Good, Evil and an Order that allows people to distinguish between the two. Morality itself descends from an Eternal Order. Eternal Order can only be established by an Eternal Creator.

In all that I have been able to observe, there is Order. I see perfect Order in a mound of ants. I see perfect order in a birds nest. I see perfect order in the waves of the Sea, a Hermit Crab, a school of Fish, a pod of Dolphin, a string of sea grass or a coral reef. I see perfect order in the Moon, the winds and the tide. I see perfect order in the eye of a Hurricane or in the grains of sand that blow across desert dunes. I see perfect Order in a snowflake or the streams of rushing water they form when they melt. I see perfect order in every Sunrise and Sunset, in every Cloud and every drop of Rain.

In the depths of the Cosmos as far as we are able to observe, there is established a perfect Order. We go to great lengths to establish scientific method, such as Quantum Physics to enumerate Chaos, also known as the variables that guide a Cosmos much more complex than our minds can comprehend, and yet all the random variables that coincide inevitably conclude that Order exists. Throughout the History of all Science its practitioners found every reason to conclude that the Cosmos did not begin with the command; “Let there be Light”. Today their collective observations, calculations, tools and methodology tell them that any scientist who doubts the fact that Light was the first component of the Cosmos is stubborn in their self-inflicted ignorance or willingly blinded by their own scientific superstitions.

When a Sperm Cell flagellates its way to a fertile Egg Cell and forms a Zygote, there is perfect order in the entire series of events. Granted, if alcohol is involved that which was once very orderly can become disorderly and in other cases undesirable, but even still there is perfect order. Beer is a reliable social lubricant that can lead to very slippery slopes and in that I observe perfect Order.

I know that every cell in my body serves a purpose because it is created and placed in a perfect Order. I know that every cell in my body survives because even without a brain it follows a code that it was given and that code established a perfect order in which it could survive and thrive along with gazillions of other brainless cells that work together according to the order in which they were established. I observe my hands as they type this sentence and know that the most skilled hands on this Earth instructed by the most gifted talents and intellect, cannot create a duplicate of the wonderment of these hands that direct fingers to a keyboard that allows me to express conscious thought and contemplation of the order in which all those things are made real in a code that can be made understandable to ALL human beings.

As impossible as it is to duplicate the human hand by using the best that human hands, talent and intellect have to offer imagine trying to duplicate the mind that directs those wonderfully made hands. Eight pounds of tissue form a brain organ filled with just the appropriate mix of fluids formed of molecules filled with atoms composed of protons, neutrons and electrons in their appropriate orbits and bonded in a perfect Order. Each of these directly interact to direct the function of gazillions of other cells throughout the body along wonderfully made brainless nerve cells, cells that form brainless blood vessels and arteries, brainless cells that form the blood in the vessels and arteries, brainless muscle cells and organs that are nourished by brainless elements carried by the blood cells and cleansed of harmful elements carried away from them by the blood cells, with each element acting in perfect order down beyond our knowledge of the brainless subatomic level at which they ultimately function. All of these things are put together to form a creature that has the ability to thrive in most places of this wonderfully and perfectly ordered planet.

None of our collective knowledge of the functions of the human body that allows it to survive and in most cases thrive in a variety of places all around this wonderfully made and perfectly ordered planet can explain the ability of human beings to be aware of its own consciousness or its ability to learn, adapt, engage in reasoning, conceptualize wisdom and codify it in such a way that it can be recorded and preserved and understood in the future so that one generation of humans have more to offer the generation that follows than a Sperm Cell that brainlessly flagellates itself to a likewise brainless but fertile Egg Cell each carrying biochemically coded information arranged in a specific and perfect order that will form their collectively brainless Zygotes. These things are only possible because when the Cosmos was established it was established according to a perfect Order. Order is not established by nor descends from Disorder, nor does it create it or co-exist with it on any level. The existence of Disorder on any level in and of itself creates disorder elsewhere but the Cosmos is established with a perfection that eliminates that.

The greatest minds, talents and intellects have not, throughout its collective recorded and understood history, explained the ability of human beings to have great minds, talents and intellect. How is it that we are even able to understand ourselves in the incredibly primitive ways that we now do, all the while knowing that most of us never use more than half of our brain capacity at best, by our most advanced means of observation? We don’t even understand why we laugh about things we find funny or cry about things we find sad. We don’t know why things we observe trigger a response from our brain that elicits emotion, but we know that emotion exists and that emotions guide our behavior even while we have no understanding of why laughter and mourning are essential to our being.

The very thing we seem to understand the least of, which was also established according to the perfect Order of the Cosmos, affects our lives every day and perhaps every decision that we make. It has insured the survival of the Human Race and yet its essence cannot be defined, only observed. Its force is so great that it often causes human beings to cast aside sound reasoning that descends from wisdom and knowledge in order to pursue that which they can’t see, touch, hear, smell or taste, but which they can feel with every fiber of their being. As advanced as we know our mind to be, and as powerful as our collective reasoning, intellect and wisdom CAN be, we do not understand what every brainless element of our being knows without even being conscious of itself yet it descends from perfect Order. It is the only thing that IS perfect in and of itself, which is perhaps one of the reasons we value it even when we can’t explain it. It’s one of those things that occupies and influences our entire being, our existence, our consciousness and yet it somehow eludes our intellect. It is the prime determining force that has guided our interactions with each other throughout the course of known civilization and yet while some of us spend our entire lives pursuing it others deny it even exists. Regardless, its presence or lack thereof is usually discernable by others whether they are conscious of it or not. That perfect key ingredient of the perfectly ordered Cosmos is what we crudely refer to as Love.

Any human being who has ever possessed any ability to think, reason or philosophize has asked the question; what is Love? This seems to be a common question among Prince and Pauper alike and people from all stations and occupations in between throughout History, but only a few even come close to understanding a fraction of what TRUE Love really is. Even those who deny it exists had to ask themselves that question before they could come to their conclusion.

Why does the most advanced species on the planet require not only food, clothing, and shelter they require MANY more years than any other species to reach the minimum level of maturity that would allow it to survive on its own? Doesn’t it seem to be a bit ironic that a ten year old human being can be killed by a six month old Ant or a two day old microbe?

Have you ever asked yourself how the perfect Order of the Cosmos directed that a Sea Turtle can live over 100 years, but the species survives because it produces 300 offspring per brood throughout the reproductive cycles of its lifetime and is never there to see its offspring hatch out and head to the water, where only two or three of them will survive to adulthood? Have you ever asked yourself how it is that the most advanced species on Earth only produces a handful or two, sometimes three offspring throughout its reproductive life at best, but every single one of their offspring requires the presence of a Mother and Father to attend to it for the rest of their lives in order for it to have the BEST opportunity to reach healthy adulthood and reproduce in kind? If you can ask yourself how it is, then you must also ask yourself why it is.

How it is has already been discussed. In case you missed it, the Cosmos was established according to a Perfect Order. Why it is? It is because it was the only way the Perfect Order of the Cosmos could be achieved. The Perfect order of the Cosmos is as observable on the subatomic scale as it is on the galactic scale. Only the most twisted of reasoning based outside of the logic of the collective human experience could deduce that it doesn’t exist in all places in between.

In the case of Human Beings, left to their own devices they would have resorted to behavior that would have guaranteed their extinction a long time ago, but there was this element of their being that was written into every particle of their being called Love. Love was something they couldn’t define, but they could feel. Some say it is an emotion and as discussed earlier we don’t know where emotions come from or what purpose they serve in our overall well being, we just know they exist. Some say Love is a Spirit. Some say Love is a Plan. Some say Love is a Commitment. Some say Love is a Code. Some say Love is a feeling. Some just say that Love is and some just say it isn’t. Some say God is Love, but most say God doesn’t exist and neither does Love. Who and what is correct?

I have heard it said that Hate is the opposite equal of Love. That isn’t true. They may be opposite, but they aren’t equal. They don’t balance. There is no Yin to that Yang. This is easily observable in the fact that Hate dies while Love survives eternally. How is that? Observe how the hatreds you have seen over the course of your lifetime have withered and died or are in the process of dying, whereas the Love you have had for anything endures forever. Some would then say that Love of anything requires a hatred of its opposite. That isn’t true either. Love conquers all only when it is pure, and it’s most pure expression is found in the eternally perfect Order of the Cosmos. Hatred is the result of disorder and disorder does not descend from Order. Hatred is an illusion. Love is eternal.

A child who comes into this world without Love dies at an early age. Children require Love before they are even delivered from the Womb. Hopefully the act that united the elements that formed a Zygote was motivated by Love. If not the life of the resulting child is immediately in peril. When we are thankful for the Love that authors life, the lives that result from that Love are cherished, celebrated and they are preserved. They are worthy of every sacrifice to preserve them. They are the reason human life continues to survive. Life is the result of Love, and Love is the most key factor in maintaining Life. Neither is exclusive of the other EVER and most humans are blind to that fact. Even if they are blind, the essence of Love is written into every fiber of their being otherwise they wouldn’t exist.

So it is with all of these things being self-evident that those who deny it are also the loudest in proclaiming their ignorance, willful or otherwise, as being superior to the Order by which the Cosmos was established and is maintained. Perhaps they feel that if their Ignorance is enshrined in the institutions created by human hands, minds and intellect that it will be superior to that which created their human hands, minds and collective intellect. The eternal Order of the Cosmos directs otherwise. Order does not descend from Disorder, EVER.

Wise men once pondered how it is that you can know what a seed will produce, while it is only a tiny seed. The wisest of men explained that you know the seed by the tree that springs from it, and that it is by the fruits of that tree that you shall know it. He explained that the same is true of Human Beings but he explained our Fruits as being the result of something other than the seed from which we sprung. The Fruits he spoke of are Fruits that cannot be measured by any scale made of human hands and that the greatest of them is Love. He explained that these Fruits were not of Human Beings, but of the Holy Spirit. A Holy Spirit that is eternal, but lives within the hearts of human beings who accept that Spirit as real and eternal. It lives within the perfect Order it created and when it unites with the flesh and blood of the heart and mind of a human being that yields to it, it forms an eternal Soul that also lives eternally within that perfect Order.

Unfortunately there are those human beings who, along with believing that their Ignorance is powerful enough to change the perfect Order by which the Cosmos is established and maintained also believe it is their “Right” to enforce their ignorance on those who know better. Where do they think this “Right” comes from, a God who they proclaim doesn’t exist? Get real. If someone tells YOU to embrace ignorance as if your life depends on it, why would you do that when you know that ignorance, especially willful ignorance often brings Life to a swift and sudden end?

The human beings I speak of are easily distinguishable by the Fruits they bear, if they bear any at all. Regardless of what their Fruit looks like, smells like or how it is presented, their Fruit is bitter and toxic. These are Fruits that are typically 180 degrees out from those of the Holy Spirit. These Fruits we would describe as Vanity, Arrogance, Greed, Envy, Dishonesty, Covetousness, being easily provoked to Anger and/or Violence, shit like that. There are others that I have exhibited at various times and places, such as my susceptibility to use Profanity as an art form, being demeaning to people and generalized asinine behavior. Many times when those Fruits come out it is because I am under the misunderstanding that some good may come out of it, especially for the person it is directed at. The Fruits I speak of revolve around a generalized spirit of Hatred though, like a person with no Love in their heart except for themselves. These people are generally identifiable without anyone having to possess great powers of discernment. Usually these aren’t the kind of people you really want to have around most of the time, unless they are just so full of shit that it’s funny or maybe they just behave the way they do as a front to keep the REAL life assholes at a distance at all times.

One of the most visible bitter fruits a person can display is that of Moral Confusion. We generally describe this kind of person as one who will state adherence to a specific set of rigid moral principles, but in times of trouble see only the waves and not the storm and then abandon the principles they know will see them through the calamity. This Fruit comes to bear as a result of basic dishonesty, usually with ones self. Sometimes people aspire to be something that they aren’t, but try to make those around him think otherwise.

Another Fruit of the Atheist that is very visible is that of overall confusion. As Fruits typically bear seed, the Atheist feels very comfortable in an environment where the seed they bear can take root in others. The best example provided for us comes from the mainstream news media. ‘Nuff said you get the picture.

Another bitter fruit that is easily observed is a total lack of Humility. Because Atheists make their own rules, they consciously are only answerable to themselves. If they recognized God they would recognize his Law, his Order, his Spirit and they would submit themselves to it. Instead, because of their own Vanity among other things, they see themselves as revolutionary when they seek to destroy that which they choose not to understand or recognize. It is only by supreme arrogance that anyone could deny the existence of God. Likewise that arrogance often drives the Atheist to impose their Vanity on others by demanding obedience to the whims of their evil imaginations. They do this by a number of ways, all of which show their hypocrisy.

An Atheist with a Law Degree is the most shining example of Hypocrisy that comes to mind. At this point in the essay you should already know why. If not, back up and read, we have other things to discuss. Bernard Coard and Maurice Bishop were Atheists with Law Degrees. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are Atheists with Law Degrees. Don’t let the fact that those assholes attend church from time to time change any perception of the fact that they are Atheists because after all it IS by their Fruits that we know them. From what I understand Dr. George Tiller attended church regularly, but he’s waiting for a dip in the eternal lake of fire as we speak and there’s no reason to doubt that fact at all. All these Atheists I speak of are all especially destructive, because they pretend to have Moral Authority when they argue the difference between Right and Wrong. How stupid is that? Now ask yourself how stupid it is that the Laws that have brought the greatest destruction to our Nation, were argued by Atheists and ruled upon by Judges who knelt at the altar of their own understanding of the Law, as opposed to the Creator of the Law they claim to understand?

Now let’s just be blunt; these people are running the western world now. By their Fruits you shall know them. What Fruits have they produced? It’s not hard to see. I see the opposite of anything that resembles Order. They love only themselves and they take counsel from only themselves and claim to act for the good of everyone. History is full of examples of people such as these. History also records the destruction they have wrought on the human race whenever they were considered to be worthy of positions of Leadership.

My Uncle Franz told me that I shouldn’t try to save the world. He says it doesn’t belong to me and it’s not my responsibility. As much as I love, admire and respect my Uncle Franz, I have to somewhat disagree. I do have a responsibility to use the Wisdom gained from lessons painfully taught me by the Master Instructor, to make his world better in some way. I was brought here for specific purposes. I am to love the Lord God with all my heart, mind and soul and I am to love my neighbor as myself. If I do those things I will make the world a better place in ways I will never be able to count. The Fruit I bear will be beyond measure.

When you think about it, doing those two things that Jesus Christ said are most important does change the world for the better. People who I was able to observe doing those things as I was growing up set an example for me and many people my age. We have all attended a funeral for one of these people who were looked upon as pillars of the community, and walked away from the service with a renewed appreciation and awareness of how they shared their Love with us. Proper reflection will then dictate that you have to keep that Love alive by sharing it with as many people as you can. I have often said that when one of these people we consider to be great lights of Love and Wisdom goes out, we have to compensate for that by turning the power of our own light up a little higher.

We have to illuminate the subject and in this case the subject is the Truth. The source of the illumination is Love. The source of the Love is God. Love isn’t made by human hands, it never has been. In its most base form it is completely beyond our ability to understand, yet not beyond our ability to know and experience personally.

When we illuminate the subject of Truth, we must illuminate the subject evenly. We must eliminate shadows while minimizing glare. If we do this correctly the Light of the Love we share with others will bear Fruit in kind. With age comes Wisdom and the older we get the more we realize that Love is the only thing that gives us immortality. We will continue to live in the hearts, minds and deeds of others who, like us will choose to Love their neighbor as themselves.

We honor the source of that Love by recognizing it. As I said earlier, The Real Revo is NOT a website dedicated to the study of Religion. This website was established by Cold War Soldiers who fought the fight against Communism. Throughout that fight the participants had to choose between Good and Evil, Right from Wrong, Justice from Injustice and in many cases Life and Death. In order to do that the participants had to have a frame of reference from which to exercise judgment and make their own choices. Atheists with guns always chose badly which is why in every case their decisions and actions lead to dead bodies in the streets. Nothing will change this paradigm. If we allow it to happen here the exact same horrible things that happened overseas during the Cold War will be taking place in our own streets here in the United States. Of that you can be guaranteed.

We choose our Master every day. The Light that was established when the Cosmos was born was generated by the author of our lives. To deny this Light and its Creator is to accept Darkness and Ignorance as conditions suitable for guiding you through that life. That is an absurd choice to make. It is even more absurd to accept as a guiding Truth any proclamation or “Law” established by people who stumble in darkness, for people who walk in the Light. THAT is pure folly.

You can know a Tree by the Fruit it bears. Choose your Tree wisely. You are what you eat.

Part Two of my closing argument on the nature of Almighty God is found in the comments in a Real Revo Publication found HERE

For ALL my Brothers and Sisters out there I must give you some hard advice to follow that will give you the greatest Joy you have ever known…

When the Holy Spirit speaks, LISTEN and OBEY!

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4 Responses to Let there be Light

  1. joe buzz says:

    Dude, Impressive. I had no idea of the extent of your philosophical abilities. I’ll be back to read the rest.

  2. notamobster says:

    I have absolute faith in the Creator and laws of the perfect order. Everything stays in it’s prescribed balance, or the laws of said order demand correction. That order will come round to correct this time, too.

    Unfortunately, history is replete with examples of humans suffering unimaginable cruelties – and ending up the low hanging fruits of the utopian communist tree, before they decide to act in their own self-interest.

    I’d love to think it will be different here, but I am a realist and have been disappointed by humanity, for most of my life. I don’t expect anything different this time.


  3. Mad Brad says:

    Thank you gentlemen. I appreciate your kind words. Some of the evidence presented here goes back to an event that took place in the Federal Correctional Institution in Tallahasse, Florida back in 1992. We inmates formed a Chapter of Toastmasters International there. One Friday night the Topic Master gave anyone who cared to take the challenge, two minuted to prove that God exists.

    It was quite a task. I was intimidated but i knew that God demands more of me than silence, so I got up and started talking. I won the Topic.

  4. John Tubbs says:

    Hey,that was beautiful.If I was to elaborate,my comment would be as long as your column.