Don’t believe that they don’t have stormtroopers…

I have a friend in law enforcement. He and I served in the Army together. He called me last night and related a story about gun confiscation. Several LEOs were sitting around in the break room discussing whether or not they would participate in gun confiscation. The several said that, yeah, if they wanted to keep their jobs, they would.

My friend laid out scenarios… “Are you really going to knock on that door in Podunk, Iowa and tell Joe Sixpack you are there to take his guns?”

“Well, it wouldn’t be just me. I’d have back up.”

“Are you really going to do wit with, what?, two or three guys?”

“I’d have SWAT backup and maybe a .50 cal on a National Guard Humvee.”

“Are you really going to go door-to-door in Podunk like that?”

“I’d guess I’d have to.”

“To what end? Are you really going to kill Iowans who resist? Are you really going to cut loose with a .50 cal machine gun in an Iowa farm town?”

“Well, what am I supposed to do if they are shooting at me?”

That conversation made my blood run cold.

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19 Responses to Don’t believe that they don’t have stormtroopers…

  1. vanagram says:

    Read letter from Linn County, Oregon Sheriff

    • R.D. Walker says:

      That is encouraging. The guys in the story I related aren’t law enforcement leadership. They are rank and file.

      • Buzzdaddy says:

        Those dumbasses haven’t speculated on what might happen in their neck of the woods while they’re away in Podunk shooting Iowans…

  2. Greg B says:

    That might happen a few times.
    Eventually, Joe Sixpack and his buddies will move to ambush tactics.

  3. Jim22 says:

    Don’t underestimate the feds. Here is a story about a sailplane pilot who was forced to land, handcuffed, charged with ‘Breach of peace’, and held for 24 hours for entering a ‘Secret No-Fly Zone’ in South Carolina.

    “Private Pilot Nearly Shot Down for Violating “Secret No-Fly Zone”

  4. James says:

    Tyrants only have power the people give them.
    It’s stupid people like these guys who worry about their jobs more than doing what is right.

    • Doc says:

      Sheriff’s Deputy of Yavapai Co., AZ @ P.C. Mtg 01/12/13 told me that Yavapai Co. Sheriff’s Ofc. WILL NOT BE PARTICIPATING IN ANY FED LEVEL UNCONSTITUTIONAL ACTIVITIES…

  5. notamobster says:

    “Are you really going to die in Podunk, Iowa for no reason?”

    “Well, if my master tells me to.”

    Shame to see what happens to their families while they’re gone.

  6. DocO says:

    I think they should confiscate guns AND ammunition. I will “surrender” my ammunition first, one shell at a time, at velocities ranging from approximately 400 ft/sec to 1,2000 ft/sec. After I’ve “surrendered” all of my ammunition, I will begin “surrendering” my rifles, with a thrusting motion, butt plate first. Finally, I will “surrender” my pistols, with a downward stroke, grip first.

  7. FreedomFighter says:

    I was an LEO in the early 90’s. My nephew is a cop now in middle TN in a college town.
    I lived in an apartment at the time in a complex that wasn’t gated. He lives in a small neighborhood well outside of the town in which he’s a cop. A neighborhood that isn’t gated.

    There are 2 cops that live in my neighborhood and one deputy (corrections officer, not patrol). My neighborhood, while nice, is not a gated or walled community.

    None of our LEO’s live in a secured compound, unlike the Stasi of East Germany during the cold war, or the corrupt federal police in Mexico who typically do live in a secured compound.

    Many soldiers with families live in off-base housing.

    My point is this:

    At some time these guys will be vulnerable, along with their families.

    When they start raiding homes at zero-dark thirty confiscating guns and criminalizing Joe Sixpack and his beer buddies who hunt deer very successfully, one morning they will leave their house to go to work and they will not hear the shot that kills them.

    My nephew has said, on many occasions, that he doesn’t know a single LEO in his department that would follow the order to confiscate guns from law abiding people.

    God help the idiots that try.

    • thebronze says:


      You’re exactly right. Many Mil/LEO live in our own communities. I think the majority wouldn’t do such a thing because of that. Those that did decide to follow those illegal orders would find out very soon that their lives and their families lives (and property) would be at great risk.

  8. thebronze says:

    This past Sunday, I had a conversation with an officer from a smaller department in my County and without being prompted, he told me that there’s no way that he would participate in any illegal order to seize people’s guns. He told me that none of his fellow officers would, either.

    It gave me hope that the majority of Mil/LEO would not do any such thing.

    Two days later, the officer that I talked to was killed in the Line of Duty, by a burglary suspect.

    RIP Kevin…