NRA On Obama’s Hypocrisy

This is a great ad from the NRA. They are not holing up, refusing to fight. They are taking the initiative.

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3 Responses to NRA On Obama’s Hypocrisy

  1. messup says:

    An item of interest:
    “AP/Washington DC – A secret service agent removes a sticker that a vandal managed to afix to the side of President Obama’s limosine. The sticker said “Molon Labe,” which is a saying that is growing in popularity in the wake of the latest discussions about pending gun control legislation. It is latin for “Come And Take Them,” referring to citizens guns.”

    This AP article appeared the week of 1/14/2013 captioning a picture of a secret service agent busily removing said sticker afixed to the side of the door President Obama uses to enter the rear seat of “King Obama’s” limosine. Pray. Amen. Remember there are 310 million of We The People and only a handful of “Them.” Tyranny is definitely rearing its head “Don’t Tread On Me.”

  2. JenR says:

    I had an argument with someone on FB about this ad. He thinks it’s “offensive and creepy”. I really don’t understand the mentality of “it’s OK for members of the government, just not the rest of you people”.

  3. Tony says:

    Government Motors supports carnuts. Carnuts kill people.
    Speeding is a factor in almost one-third of all fatal crashes. (U.S. DOT) Approximately 10,000 speed related deaths a year. Only race car drivers should be allowed to own a 430-horsepower 190-mph performance 2013 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe.. Its operation should be limited to race tracks. No law abiding driver needs one.