Republican Re-Branding For Mass Consumption

When your core constituency fails to show up because you’re too far to the left, the obvious answer is to move further to the left. Is it time for a viable 3rd party, or am I that dinosaur that refuses to see the asteroid coming?

As House Republicans head to Williamsburg, Va., to talk strategy at their annual retreat, a top Democratic pollster warned Wednesday that voters think the GOP has fallen outside the mainstream on everything from taxes to gay rights.

Pollster Stanley Greenberg, a former adviser to the presidential campaign of Bill Clinton, released a Greenberg Quinlan Rosner poll that found the GOP is losing ground with voters of all stripes.

β€œThe fact is that we have a set of cultural and economic issues, and budget issues, in which [Republicans] are seen as extreme and out of touch,” Mr. Greenberg said.

In 2010, the conservative voice in America spoke LOUD & CLEAR. The Republican Party ran away from “tea-party” candidates in 2012. Now, since public opinion is driven by the unintelligent, yet vocal minority of the populace, the (R)’s will try to sell themselves to the morons. Whores.

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25 Responses to Republican Re-Branding For Mass Consumption

  1. DocO says:

    I think the only way the Republican Party can survive is by adopting a Freedom Agenda to counter the Collectivist Agenda of the Demoncrats.

    I’d like to see them adopt and craft a domestic policy that stresses fiscal conservancy and libertarian social policy.

    I’d like them to explain to capital “L” Libertarians that a robust military is required and yes someone has to be the world cop. It is not a matter if someone will be, it’s a matter of who will be. If it’s not the US, the US’s ability to defend itself is greatly diminished because someone will be the world cop, and whoever is has an inordinate impact on international trade because they have disproportionate geopolitical power. This increased geopolitical power usually translates into disproportionate economic power and that in turn creates disproportionate military power.

    I’d like them to realize the way to create a society where traditional family values are again the dominate value system is to de-fund the public institutions that are creating them, i.e., the public education monopoly.

    • DocO says:

      Last sentence should read.

      I’d like them to realize the way to create a society where traditional family values are again the dominate value system is to de-fund the public institutions that are ATTACKING them, i.e., the public education monopoly.

  2. notamobster says:

    I’d like for unicorns & Santa Claus to be real. πŸ˜‰

    • DocO says:

      Oh crap, they’re not !!!!! Thanks Nota for ruining my day.

      • Ray Davies says:

        I was sure that was the Tooth Fairy riding down the street on a unicorn the other day, but then again cheap whiskey does things like that to me.

  3. sortahwitte says:

    My friend and brother nota is the one who plants my feet firmly on terra firma when I go off on a flying side-trip.

    I think it’s time for a viable third party. Can it happen? I’m not sure. In my state, since 1974, there are 2 parties. If you are not one of them, you do not vote in primaries. Right now the pooblicans hold most major state offices. The only thing the majority believes is “to hell with yankee carpetbaggers” and “I wish there were more people like us.” I do think as the right goes left, and turns it’s back on the 2nd Amen, maybe enough people will be pissed enough to do something. I am an orphan. I quit the republicans after the last election.

  4. Bman says:

    When moderate/left leaning repubs run, they often lose. When Tea Party candidates run, they often win. 3rd party? Naw. The future of the repubs is the Tea Party.

    • notamobster says:

      Unfortunately, the “Party” doesn’t see it that way. They’re running from tea party types. The RINO sect of the party is scared of losing their gravy-train, rent-seeking, control and influence.

      The party is headed left while the membership is headed right. That spells democrat domination if it’s not corrected in some form or fashion.

  5. Bman says:

    Maybe domination for a while. Maybe that will have to happen in order to ensure the GOP truly purges itself of the republicrats. Perhaps it will be too late when that happens. Hell, it’s too late now, but it doesn’t mean we cave in on our core beliefs. No way.

    • Locke n Load says:

      The risk in that Bman is the Repubs WON’T learn and WON’T go away. They’ll most likely just steel themselves against us further and become what the Brits call their Conservatives. Its just a matter of who ‘manages the machine’ better at that point. You watch, if Obamacare doesn’t get gutted or dumped you’ll see how the New Republicans look exactly like slower-walking Fabians.
      Point is, we have 2 misidentified parties right now in power, the Tea Party is a fledgling third..
      The Democrats are Socialist or Social Democrat, the Republicans are Democrats, and we’re…we’re the old Conservative base left in the cold.

      • Bman says:

        But thats sort of my point! Eventually, and maybe sooner than we think, (hopefully) people who supported the republicrats in the past will say ENOUGH! and stop voting for them. Hell, they will stop voting period! FINE BY ME! Call me a heathen if you will or whatever. From this day on, if there is a choice between a Democrat or Republicrat, I won’t vote. Fuck ’em!

        Tea Party candidates only. If they are under the R symbol, fine. They are the only hope for that party…and, as of now, the only hope for our Republic.

        • Locke n Load says:

          Thats what primaries are for buddy. When it comes to the generals, well, sometimes we have to swallow hard to keep the house or senate. I’d suggest at least 75% of our efforts, if we choose to get involved, should be at raising the next generation thru the ranks, as in local and state elections. We can still reach them and replace them. We need to reach critical mass before we have a chance in hell of overtaking the Republican Old Guard.

    • Locke n Load says:

      If we’re going to get a viable third party going we CAN’T think we can start it at the national level. We need to stack the local and state political field with Libertarian leaners until we reach critical mass and can elect a block in Congress. With any luck, the current Tea Party candidates will form ranks and act as a real caucus. We can grow their ranks over time with farm leaguers but until then they HAVE to act as a single fighting unit and stymie Boner.

      • Uke says:

        Sounds like you’re trying to pick a fight with ColdWarrior!


        • notamobster says:

          The people spoke LOUD & CLEAR, and the republicrats used em for the win and threw us in the gutter. Screw them.

          • Locke n Load says:

            true. and I’m all in favor of donating to WHOEVER runs against Boehner. And I do mean ANYONE. Meanwhile we bring them up thru the farm system on OUR terms. Meaning get into a Precinct, gdt involved like Nota, and start throwing OUR weight around.
            It won’t happen overnight and we have to acknowledge that we have little time left to pull it off before the old guard goes completely fabian.

        • Locke n Load says:

          Hehe, no, I love that guy and what he does. But what I’m suggesting fits EXACTLY with what he’s after. The Party reaches down thru ALL levels Uke, not just National. Who do you think puts the new faces on the ballots?
          Local precinct captains

          • Uke says:

            Yes, but within the GOP label. ColdWarrior has the general right idea (i.e. push for more conservo-libertarian pols), but he is explicitly stating to do so within the two party apparatus.

            I’m not sure he’d advocate for starting a third party. I suspect he’d be against it, if I had to guess.

            • Locke n Load says:

              Well thats the beauty of working from the ground up Uke. In smaller offices it doesn’t matter as much. They can always work within the system as moles if they advance πŸ˜‰ Point is, we need to get as many ready to storm the ballots as possible so if/when the Republicans crater we have a working coalition ready to replace it. I suppose I need to re-read my history on the death of the Whigs, no?

  6. notamobster says:

    I think we should all change our names to something ethnic-sounding, join the democrat party and run in places like Detroit & Chicago. Then vote straight conservative.

  7. westie says:

    Rat-faced Chris Christie is the only future of the worthless Repub Party. I’m looking for new leadership….

  8. Rich says:

    Not just any whores. Not high class 5 star hotel whores. No, dumb fuc#&#^^#%#@ing stupid ass whores, too stupid to even get the money up front.