Greg Abbott Is Texas Attorney General

He’s apparently running for reelection. This is on his Facebook page. It’s a nice invitation.


Here in Texas, you will have the liberty and the opportunity to achieve your dreams. On top of that, we have no income tax, yet still manage to have a multi-billion dollar budget surplus.

We have right to work laws and a reasonable regulatory environment. Texas has created more than 275,000 jobs in the last year alone! And we’ll fight like hell to protect your rights.

You’ll also get to keep more of what you earn and use some of that extra money to buy more ammo.”

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4 Responses to Greg Abbott Is Texas Attorney General

  1. notamobster says:

    That is freaking awesome! He’s also the man who, when asked about the 2nd Amendment, said “The 2nd Amendment debate was settled in 1791!”

  2. sortahwitte says:

    Don’t forget. Not everyone that comes to the southwest votes using common sense. It seems that one fourth of Houston is wobbly left now. Why? Hurricane Katrina. Leeches from new orleans. Half the time I want to close the state line.

  3. Doc says:

    Just th’ fact that RON WHITE is from Texas makes th’ place worth a look! PLUS, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Willie Nelson, ZZ Top, etc….

  4. R.D. Walker says:

    You know what is weird? Iowa’s electoral votes went to Obama but there were 450% more Obama voters in Texas than in Iowa. I get why, it is just weird. The virus is everywhere.