But, Then, There’s The Good Side Of Texans

This is on the front door of a bank in Chappell Hill, Texas. From KHOU:

With a population of just 350 people, what Chappell Hill lacks in size — it more than makes up for in flair.

“You never know who’s sitting in this bank,” said Ed Smith, president of the Chappell Hill Bank. “If you’re coming in to rob it, I think you’re going to be in a world of hurt.”

That’s because the person standing next to you could be packing heat. You see, the Chappell Hill Bank is the first in the nation that actually welcomes legally concealed handguns.

“We’ve been robbed five times,” said Smith, “All of them by Yankees.”

It’s worth noting, the bank hasn’t been robbed a sixth time, and Smith doesn’t hesitate the debate raging over gun control in the wake of the Connecticut school shootings.”

concealed carry encouraged

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One Response to But, Then, There’s The Good Side Of Texans

  1. R.D. Walker says:

    Better than at this New Jersey Bloodbath and Beyond store, huh? Hell, nobody needs a sidearm.