Rapescans Being Removed From Airports By TSA


Speaking out works! Congress demanded additional privacy, it couldn’t be produced so TSA is forced to remove the scanners. When you have an issue with the government, make sure your voice is heard. Your silence implies consent.

Privacy Objections […]
Under pressure from privacy advocates and some members of Congress, the TSA moved its screens to separate rooms away from airport security checkpoints. Officials monitoring the scanner images alert agents if they see a possible risk […]

The agency’s strategy for handling passenger traffic relies on the capability of L-3’s millimeter-wave machines to process passengers in about half the time for Rapiscan machines, Sanders said. TSA will be getting about 60 more L-3 scanners in January and February, he said.

TSA is also planning to move some scanners from airports where they’re underutilized, Sanders said. The agency plans to expand the PreCheck program, in which passengers share personal data before going to the airport in exchange for less-invasive screening that lets them keep their belts and shoes on.

PreCheck passengers go through metal detectors instead of body-image scanners. As PreCheck expands, it will free up millimeter-wave machines to ease crowding, Sanders said.

Sanders said the Rapiscan units did their job by screening 130 million passengers, and the agency wouldn’t have acted if not for the congressional mandate for privacy software.

“We are not pulling them out because they haven’t been effective, and we are not pulling them out for safety reasons,” Sanders said. “We’re pulling them out because there’s a congressional mandate.”
The TSA is talking to other government agencies with screening needs that might not require the same level of privacy called for in a crowded airport, Sanders said.

Rapiscan sells its body-image scanner, known as the Secure 1000, to the Pentagon for screening visitors and to U.S. forces in Iraq and Kuwait, according to federal contract databases. The company’s website also says it sells the machines to prisons.

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7 Responses to Rapescans Being Removed From Airports By TSA

  1. R.D. Walker says:

    I won’t be happy until TSA is dumped on the ash heap of history along with shit like slavery, the Trail of Tears and the internment of Japanese Americans. There is nothing like having your balls grouped by a government goon with a neck tattoo to make you realize that, at best, you live in a semi-free country.

    • notamobster says:

      🙂 … 🙁

    • rj says:

      I’m with you I dont and won’t submit, I dont fly, not that I did a lot anyway, line in the sand for me, I won’t submit to a more invasive search than a jail book in search without a warrant for any reason, If I can’t drive I didn’t need to go

  2. TN-Cat says:

    If I remember correctly; the baked scanners were purchased from zobsmas buddy and bypassed any safety testing. Just wonder if these new scanners are being purchased from the same company.

    Quite a racket they have going if it is so.

  3. sig94 says:

    Now the government owned nekked scanners are going, the TSA goons will have to buy their own porn.

  4. Trebor snoyl says:

    TSA’s motto: “Wait till we get our hands in your Haynes.”