There is a new petition on the White House site

This one has to do with, well, I guess Brazilian deforestation as a threat to a particular species of crab. I can tell you one thing, nobody can blame this one on Bush.

As a result of the growing popularity, particularly among young people, of needlessly denuding the pubic area, the species Pthirus pubis, also known as the common crab louse, has been losing millions of square feet of habitat over the past several years, and is reportedly on the verge of extinction ( This petition is to urge the Secretary of State to place the species, a long-standing part of our national heritage, on the Endangered List per the Endangered Species Act, and have the Fish and Wildlife Service regularly inspect the pelvic regions of the populace to ensure that habitat is no longer being destroyed, with an executive order to nationally outlaw the use of Brazillian wax and razors.

Here’s a link to a site that links to the WH.

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