Big surprise… Organic food is costly hokum

That’s right. Organic food costs a lot more and is no more healthful than the less expensive stuff. It does, however, lower yields and drive up the over-all cost of food, making it more difficult to feed the world.

Any shopper can tell that organic fruits and vegetables are expensive. Now a peer-reviewed academic study tells us that they’re no more healthful than conventional products.

Researchers at Stanford University’s Center for Health Policy analyzed 237 studies in the scientific literature for evidence that organic foods are safer or healthier. They found that fruits and vegetables that met the criteria for “organic” are on average neither more nutritious than their far cheaper conventional counterparts nor less likely to be contaminated by pathogenic bacteria like E. coli or Salmonella.

If you want truly delicious veggies… grow them yourself. In fact, there is no other way to get a really good tomato.

Of course the downside of that is that nobody will see you buying it so you will miss out on the self-congratulatory preening that is a vital part of the joy of organic food buying.

Read it all and then stop wasting your money.

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25 Responses to Big surprise… Organic food is costly hokum

  1. notamobster says:

    Or… just take your word for it. I like cheap food.

  2. Jim22 says:

    Organic means it was grown in pig sh#t.

  3. mike says:

    Gents, not many people who eat organic food claim that it is any more nutritious than conventionally grown food. Arguments can be made and studies do show it is not laced with pesticides and herbicides. Whether those chemicals contribute to health issues who knows but if one can limit exposure, why not do so.
    More importantly the USDA organic label also means it is not GMO. I am sure you have no problem with that but mark my words you will someday. Gene splicing bacteria with plants to create toxins and combining Salmon with other species to create larger byproducts sets a bad precedent. Companies should not be able to patent life. The bible speaks about mixing seeds, and GMO is much more than the simply hybrid process.
    Finally, one needs to look at what companies are pushing these studies and have a vested interest in discrediting the organic movement. BTW I am not a hippy just a guy with young girls and want them to get a good start in life. So if I am wasting my money then Ill take that chance but looking around at a good portion of the population and their health problems I think my children are doing much better as a result.

    • R.D. Walker says:

      “I am sure you have no problem with that but mark my words you will someday. “

      I guess we shall see but I don’t think so.

    • notamobster says:

      I can understand where you’re coming from, Mike. You won’t find anyone here who argue with your right to make the best choices you see fit for your children. Not one.

      I believe this post was directed at the hippies. Your right as an individual (to choose which foods you eat) will always be defended on this site.

      There is a buttload of mis- & dis-information put out by both sides of this (and every single other) debate. Should companies be able to patent seeds they designed through modification? I think so. They put in the work. They invested the money.

      If you don’t like GMO crops, that’s fine. That is your right. My children eat whatever I buy and fix for dinner. I don’t generally know where it comes from (GMO/non), nor do I care. My children are all very healthy.

      If the farmers across the road from me can produce more crops, to feed more people, without any adverse effects to 99.99% of the population, I’m okay with it.

      • R.D. Walker says:

        Well said.

      • mike says:

        Thats why I like this site, good discussions.

        • Locke n Load says:

          And why we appreciate folks like you that concede points in logical arguments 🙂 When we’re wrong we concede and move on having incorporated what we learned, thats the only way to find real truth.
          Don’t ever be afraid to challenge Mike.

          BTW, I’d bet your kids are doing better than the majority of the population NOT because of the organics, but because you actually care enough to make meals for them, to sit down to dinner with them, and to plan your lives as a family. The health benefits of the above will DWARF any possible ‘organic’ food benefits, I guarandamntee you that.

          • Ray Davies says:

            Well Said Mr Locke, This country started down the road to ruin when families stopped eatiing together. That was the advent of the TV dinner about 1960. Since then things have only gotten worse. You can’t even see the kitchen table at my daughter’s place most of the time. Here with the two sometimes 3 of us always eat at the table at a regular time. Always good to have a simple time out to talk (and pray).

            • notamobster says:

              We eat dinner together, at the kitchen table. Every. Single. Day.

              No phones or other electronics are allowed. No interruptions.

  4. Locke n Load says:

    “Companies should not be able to patent life”
    Tell that to the family that made the first McIntosh apple..

    As for choosing to avoid GMOs, well, thats your choice and I applaud you for encouraging a new market. Philosophically I have no issue with either GMO or Heirlooms, just yield. You see a safety issue but I suspect more. Me, no. I just want tasty, sturdy, and if at all possible, local. And I want to be able to feed the world..
    See, that last part is what GMO is all about. Whether or not there COULD be issues in the future is speculation. Meanwhile, in the here and now, millions are starving because they can’t grow wheat in Africa. I’d like to feed them. I’d also like to feed them with non-terminator seeds but we’ll get to that eventually. In the meantime I think the folks pouring billions into developing them should receive some ROI.
    Call me weird

  5. Locke n Load says:

    Side note: RD, I’m going to forward the article to my wife. She still thinks Organic hold some cache’.
    Its smaller, more likely rotted, and more expensive. A field need only be pesticide free for 3 years to certify it and even then, so what? I’ll use Miracle Grow until I sprout a third arm, my tomatoes, beans, etc produce double the harvests with it. Furthermore, when I get nasty bugs that WON’T die from soap sprayed on them?
    Bring me DuPont!!!

    • R.D. Walker says:

      In 2011 one e coli infected organic cucumber farm in Germany killed more people that Fukashima and Three Mile Island combined. I am guessing the dying thought of a man shitting himself to death is that he wished he’d have gone with the Miracle Gro cukes.

      • Locke n Load says:

        no joke!
        Miracles of modern science are sometimes just that…miraculous. Go hit youtube for the videos from the 50’s and 60’s celebrating the wonders of modern chemistry and you’ll know wherefrom I speak. Yeah, I know there have been some problems but overall, bring me the scientific breakthroughs. One farmer can now feed 300 or more. A century ago that was barely a fraction… Used to be an acre fed a family, now its orders of magnitude higher.
        Reactionary forces would have you frightened by every little thing, running to the govt for help. I refuse. And if I could get my hands on some DDT I’d buy a wharehousefull.

        • Ray Davies says:

          I suggested that here at the U of Iowa during a pest control meeting years ago and you’d think been the first cousin to Adolf Hitler. All they were doing was chasing the roaches from one building to the next. They were using some noxious stuff the roached “didn’t like” and was harmless to all other life forms. Liberals,can’ kill anything,not even the damned roaches

          • Locke n Load says:

            ya know, there are videos available of a DDT lecturer opening his speeches by downing a tablespoon of the stuff. he did it over and over and over again.
            never suffered any ill effects.
            blasted Silent Spring bitch. she’s the godmother of a movement that resulted in literally tens of millions dead

  6. Locke n Load says:

    Mike (and everyone else for that matter), you have to understand that food isn’t JUST nutrition. The health benefits from particular foods aren’t JUST because of the foods themselves. Nutrition isn’t as simple as organic chemistry unless you look at it in a very limited way. Food isn’t just the bread, its how it was made. How it was shared, and how it was consumed. Bread isn’t the sum of calories but also the sum of the lifestyle that consumes it.
    Knowing your food, preparing your food, even raising it… it all goes into how the family recieves it, how it is processed.
    Think I’m kidding?
    Put a modern, TV addicted, computer game distracted, isolated family on an organic diet and compare them to the ones who bake their own bread from GMO wheat and involve the kids in preparation. 100:1 the second family is not only healthier but happier which in turn adds to their immune systems.
    There really is something to the holistic understanding of food.

    • notamobster says:

      I’m eating some delicious (dry – I hate milk) Malt-O-Meal frosted flakes, right now! I’m sure they’re GMO food (good midnight opportunity food).

  7. fubar says:

    Organic is a marketing ploy.

    The three year no pesticide rule? HA HAHAHAHAHA. Yeah. People lie.

    Even if you don’t apply pesticides, there are no buffer zones to prevent drift or water runoff from someone else’s non organic property. (Organic doesn’t prohibit ALL pesticides anyway, just SOME. )

    The same applies with cross pollination with GMO crops. A big criticism of GMO’s is that the farmer must purchase new seed every year. Also, some of the traits they are trying to fix are creating other problems.

    It takes more land, labor and fuel to grow organically, which is casually overlooked by those who don’t care, or who are “healthier then thou”, or because they want to think they are saving the planet.

    As for the food contamination argument, eyes always look at the farmer FIRST, in a lot cases it comes from handling and packaging, trucking or processing.

  8. Rockheim says:

    I remember watching Food Inc. a while back. It was interesting. they went on about the evil Monsanto and corporate mass farming and the like. And of course Joel Salatin lecturing us all.
    And you can go to Polyface farms and order your chicken for $15lb if such is your choice. Heck.. Do yourself one better and raise your own chickens. Grow your own veggies. Get involved in co-ops and keep it local. Outstanding job! Good on you.
    However this ignores the reality that if every farm, farmer, producer of food adopted the best practice strategies by Joel and others it would result in one certian thing. Mass starvation. Especially when you consider our all knowing government directing most of that organically grown, non pesticide using, very expensive corn into our gas tanks..

    But none of that addresses the point that was already made. Feel free to do whatever you want. The fact that you simply put thought into what your feeding your kids and taking time to be responsible is more important and goes further than what it is that you’re actually feeding them. Teach ’em well. Teach them that it’s important to be aware of what we stuff in our craws. teach them that it’s important to care. Those lessons will hopefully stick with them forever and carry on to their children as well…

    • Locke n Load says:

      raise your own chickens you say?

      • Rockheim says:

        Yup.. That was an awsome story BTW.. Funny timing. We just had our first calamity.. And it was all our own fault.
        Our new girls are in the run and coop and doing fine. We culled the first half of our old flock (and have consumed most of them).. Which left the last 8 in the “transition” pen where we got the new girls up to speed. 5×9.. 4ft high. Perch bars, a kiddie pool under the perch bars with pine bedding.. food and water hanging to the side. A great temporary coop for lew girls coming in.. And a decent holding pen for old girls going out.
        Well.. As things happen after we got the first half done life intruded. We simply ran out of time. And every time we tried to get back to it.. Something else came up. The old girls seemed to be doing fine.. None of them were hostile, no fighting.. They even tried to stave off the inevitable by laying a few more eggs..
        Well.. Yesterday the weather cooperated.. we were both home.. so lets get this done.. The water was heating.. the cone back up to the tree.. Go get the girls and… Uh oh.. One of them was huddled under the lip of the pool. I gave her a prod and she looked back.. not looking good. I went tograb her up and not only did she not move but I ended up with a handful of feathers.. They just came right out. And she still didn’t move much.
        I got her our.. Over to the cone and it was obvious she was sick. We simply dipatched her and disposed of the carcass. The next one looked fine.. put up a fight getting them out.. (Easter Eggers are NOISY when they’re being put upon).. But once we got her out to the cone and took a look she wasn’t well either.
        Dispatch and dispose.
        The next was “stumpy”. Stumpy had some issues as a chick and never grew tail feathers. She looked ok but once in the cone it was nothing but drainage out of the mouth.. It was either a serious respiratory infection or something else.
        We didn’t take any chances.. We just culled and disposed the rest. It pissed me off because it was our fault. We waited. We couldn’t find the time. And as a result we wasted 8 birds. That’s not the way to respect what your doing and their sacrifice and it all our responsibility. Lesson learned. Next time around.. MAKE the time.

        //stomps off fuming..