Why Doesn’t The US Govt Allow The Disabled To Serve?


This is not an ironic bit. I have wondered for many years why my friend and high school goaltender (hockey) Neil was denied access to the opportunity to serve the nation he loves so much. Neil was born in India. He has polio. His entire life, he has used leg braces (akin to the ones in Forest Gump) and forearm crutches.

His parents adopted Neil and 8-9 brothers & sisters from all over the world and gave them an incredible life on 160 acre farm in the middle of God’s country (the Upper Peninsula of Michigan). He loves this country dearly and currently serves as a park ranger for the Nat’l Park Service. He is restricted to operations which would limit anyone with his condition, which means mostly office work for him, but I can’t help but wonder why the DoD couldn’t do the same thing.

If the new purpose of the DoD is to make people feel good about themselves and increase the sense of inclusiveness among the outliers of American society, why don’t we allow the disabled an opportunity to serve?

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